7 Bible Verses About Pride: A Deep Dive into Biblical Teachings

The subject of pride, its implications and how it is viewed through the lens of biblical teachings forms the cornerstone of our discussion.  The Bible, an important source of moral and ethical gu...

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What Does the Bible Say About Love? (7 Bible Verses)

The concept of love holds an incredibly vital position within Christian doctrine, weaving through its teachings, principles, and practices like a golden thread. Love, from a Christian perspective, is ...

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Bible Verses About Cheating

Cheating is an extremely destructive and harmful action. Cheating involves deceit, emotional abuse, and often a loss of intimacy. Many couples struggle with the damaging effects of cheating: anger, la...

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Checklist for Christian Premarital Counseling: What to Expect?

As you embark on the exciting journey towards marriage, preparing for lifelong commitment is as crucial as planning the wedding day. One key aspect of this preparation is premarital counseling, partic...

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Overcome Anxiety and Fear With Bible Verses

No matter who you are, you fear something. Along with fear, most of us experience anxiety occasionally. What are you anxious about? What do you fear? No matter what the cause of your fear and anxiety ...

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Tracey Lundy, LCSW

One of the strongest predictors of success in therapy is the connection you share with your therapist so finding the best fit is an important first step! I believe in the "therapeutic relationship," d...

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Donna Janiec, LPC

We all need help now and again through life's seasons and situations. I believe that we are created holistically (body, mind, spirit) with the ability for self-awareness, having freedom and responsibi...

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Jenny Luttman, LPC, ACS

One of the strongest predictors of success in therapy, is the connection you share with your therapist so finding the best fit is an important first step!  I believe in the "therapeutic ...

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Depression in the Bible

Christianity, and religion more generally, can be a tremendous resource to getting through depression. Faith helps billions of people around the world keep sight of what is important and provides guid...

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Depression Through Christ

No matter who you are, or what you believe, depression can seemingly come out of nowhere and hit harder than a mac truck. One of the biggest questions a person suffering from depression asks is "why?"...

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