Places to find Support for Bipolar Disorder

Approximately 5.7 million adults in the United States suffer from bipolar disorder, a mental health condition. It is a mental illness characterized by wildly fluctuating moods, including episodes of m...

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Effective Ways For A Bipolar Person To Deal With Grief

Anyone would find it challenging to cope with grief, but those with bipolar disorder may find it particularly so. Many people with bipolar disorder report that grief has a significant impact on their ...

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Tips For Effective Decision-Making With Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is certainly a complex and challenging mental health condition. It can affect decision-making in several ways, depending on the specific symptoms and the severity of the disorder. For...

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5 Tips For Students With Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a condition characterized by episodes of extreme euphoria and high energy (mania) followed by periods of depression and sadness. For students attempting to keep their academic and ...

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How To Explain Bipolar Disorder To Your Children

It may be difficult to broach sensitive subjects with your child, such as your own mental health. You may be nervous about how the other person will react to or interpret the information you provide. ...

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5 Ways To Prevent Overspending During Mania

Many different symptoms of varying severity are associated with bipolar disorder. This can range from extreme sadness to manic elation to a combination of both or even a combination of depression and ...

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Tips To Mend A Relationship Damaged By Bipolar Disorder

It can be difficult for someone with bipolar disorder to form stable, long-lasting relationships. Generally, relationships play an important role in support for bipolar disorder. Surrounding oneself w...

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Effective Ways To Cope With Bipolar Anger

On occasion, we all experience anger. In some cases, expressing your anger over a recent event in your life is a healthy and normal response. But it's a problem if your anger is out of control or keep...

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5 Tips To Manage The Highs And Lows Of Bipolar Disorder

Mood, energy, focus, and behavior are just some of the many facets of life that are impacted by bipolar disorder. Despite the lack of a definitive cure for bipolar disorder, those who have been diagno...

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Ways To Cope With Bipolar Fatigue

Changes in your sleep routine, energy levels, and motivation are all possible side effects of bipolar disorder. So, it's not your imagination if you have this condition and frequently feel tired. Peop...

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