Top Addiction Counselors in Colorado Springs

Finding an addiction counselor can be hard and sometimes tedious.   The constant searching and phone tag are annoying in and of itself, which alone, is enough of a reason...

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Compulsion vs Addiction: What is the Difference?

Understanding the complex relationship between compulsion and addiction is essential in providing effective treatment and support for those struggling with these conditions.  Both compulsion and ...

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How to Tell If Someone Has a Gambling Problem

Gambling, for some, is an occasional pastime or social activity that causes no harm. However, when it transitions from a casual hobby to a compulsive need, it can evolve into a serious problem with de...

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Ready to Try Online Therapy for Addiction? How It Can Help You.

In the digital age, therapy has adapted to meet the needs of a diverse, tech-savvy clientele.  Online therapy, also known as teletherapy or e-therapy, has emerged as a convenient and effective me...

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How to Help Your Partner with Gambling Addiction

Gambling is often seen as a harmless pastime, a way to add a little extra excitement to a sports game or even a fun, occasional trip to the casino.  However, for some individuals, what starts as ...

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How To Stop Replacing One Addiction With Another

Millions of people all over the world struggle with addiction.  For some, addiction manifests as an addiction to drugs or alcohol. For others, addiction may be to gambling, sex, or food.&nbs...

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How Addiction Affects the Family

One of the most tragic things about addiction is how addiction affects the family.  It doesn't just harm the person who is addicted, it harms everyone who cares about them.  Especially their...

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How Addiction Affects the Brain

Addiction starts in the brain. It does not happen because of bad choices, or, because of a lack of self-control, or, because of a weak will.  It happens because your brain is predisposed to addic...

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Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorders: What You Need to Know

Behavioral disorders can be very difficult to deal with.  If you are the loved one of someone who has a behavioral disorder, then you know how hard it can be to get them the help they need. ...

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11 Questions That Answer, "Am I An Alcoholic?"

Do you ever wonder if you drink "normally"?   What is normal?  Isn't it all relative to the person?  It's imperative if one has a concern, they get help sooner rather than later.&n...

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