It is my primary goal as a counselor to create a space for every individual to explore their lives and find the opportunities that may be lurking where it is most difficult to look. Through a unique therapeutic approach that combines Jungian symbology/dream-work with Narrative and Existential explorations, I will help you re-discover who you are. It is my mission to help you navigate life transitions, depression, anxiety, faith-based and spiritual concerns, as well as how to re-establish a connection with what is most important to you.

Depression, Anxiety, and Stress

How related are mental health disorders? As far as diagnoses go, there are nearly 300 different disorders that are diagnosable. Many of those are vague and indicate that there are a handful of symptom...

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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety gets a lot of attention and rightfully so. In fact, anxiety is one of the single most common human experiences on the planet. It is so ubiquitous that the experience of anxiety is found in myt...

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Books to Decrease Depression

Individual therapy is great, as a therapist, I'm one hundred percent in favor of counseling. But counseling has its limitations; the primary limitation is frequency. 1 hour per week is not enough to s...

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An Unorthodox Approach to Anxiety

One of my areas of specialty in mental health is anxiety and how it impacts people's lives. Anxiety is a completely normal human experience and it serves a wonderful purpose. If you struggle with cont...

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Tips for Reducing and Ending Anxiety Faster

Our minds are very tricky things. We become wrapped up in our thoughts throughout the day, every day of every week of our lives. It's easy to become tricked into believing that our thoughts are both v...

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How Stress and Depression Impacts your Body

Depression is one of the most common mental health issues in the world, it is something that millions of people experience every single day. Other than feeling down, or sad, most people do not really ...

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3 Different Causes of Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal response, but it can come at unusual times and is often entirely unnecessary. I say often unnecessary because, this may be surprising but, we actually need anxiety. It's not just a...

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All-Natural Approach to Anxiety

Anxiety, though a normal part of life, get's in the way, a lot. It can stop you from doing things you love, keep you from new experiences, and cause strife in your relationships. You deserve to lead a...

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Healing Depression Holistically

You wake up, but can not seem to pull yourself out of the warmth and comfort of your bed. Beyond that though, the moment you wake up, what keeps you in bed is the feeling of sadness, as though the day...

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How Anxiety Hijacks Your Brain

Have you ever struggled with anxiety? That feeling like everything is going to go wrong and there is nothing you can do about it? Or, you spend so much time and effort trying to make sure that NOTHING...

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