Best Mood Tracking Apps for Bipolar People


Bipolar disorder is characterized by two major mood changes, depressive mood episodes, and elevated mood episodes.

The switch between these moods is very unpredictable.

This makes it difficult for them and the people around them to support bipolar disorder.

One major tool that makes it easy to measure the mood of bipolar people is tracking apps.

They help you to monitor and understand your moods in real-time.

eMoods is one of the best mood tracking apps for bipolar people.

It is a convenient, private, and easily accessible mood tracking app.

Daylio mood tracking app has provided bipolar people ways to track their moods, journal, and form healthy habits.

Daylio is a valuable and easy-to-use tracking app for bipolar people.

Mood Log is another unique mood tracking app.

It is one of the best mood tracking apps for bipolar people because you can set a reminder to open the app and track your mood for the day.

iMood Journal and Mood Track Social Diary are among the best mood tracking apps for bipolar people.

These apps can be downloaded on your devices, especially your mobile phone, so that you can track your mood in real time.

This helps you to identify your triggers easily, understand, and manage your moods better.

Here are the 5 best mood tracking apps for bipolar people.

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eMoods is easily the best mood tracking app for bipolar people, with an easy interface for users.

It prompts you to track when you're experiencing irritability, depressive mood, elevated mood, and psychotic symptoms on a four-point scale (from none to severe).

You can also fill in a daily estimate of the severity of each mood.

Each input is color-coded in a monthly calendar for you to know how your mood changes over the month.

It also helps you to monitor the amount of sleep you're getting and reminds you to take your medication.

The notes section lets you journal and include other relevant information.

It is suitable for people with color-blindness and includes a safety plan for triggers and warning signs.

Your doctor can also find this app quite helpful.

eMoods app gives you a detailed monthly report that you can email to your doctor.

This can help them to identify your triggers and improve your healthcare.

eMoods app can be downloaded for free on the web, android, and iOS, but it comes with in-app purchases.

The in-app purchases allow you to stamp helpful notes and gain access to online therapy.


Daylio gives you a digital journal or calendar where you can write your thoughts and use various mood icons and emojis to track your mood.

The app reminds you to track your mood at a specific time of the day, followed by a series of activities.

For instance, if you selected that you had a good day, it is followed by the activity that made you feel that way.

You can also select your mood or how you feel from videos that perfectly describe your mood.

You can customize the app's tools to fit your needs.

The app also provides stats on your thoughts and mood over time.

This helps you identify trigger patterns and better understand your mood and behaviors.

You can set goals and challenges for yourself.

You can also set reminders and prompts.

It is easy to use, and you can protect your information with a passcode and backup your information on google drive.

Daylio is one of the best mood tracking apps for bipolar people because it displays your progress in charts and graphs.

Mood Log

Mood Log is a simple app that is useful for logging and tracking your moods.

It uses color codes to track your mood changes and symptoms relating to them.

This helps you to identify the reasons for the mood changes correctly.

With Mood Log, you can identify the lifestyle changes and factors that affect your mood and track other mood tags such as headaches, stress, nausea, panic attacks, and menstruation.

You can also include how severe the mood you are feeling is.

The graph and calendar option makes it easy for you to track your average mood and mood changes over time.

You can view your stats, such as your most common or recent mood.

Upgrading the app makes it easy to share your mood data as a spreadsheet with your healthcare providers.

Mood Log is one of the popular mood tracking apps for bipolar people because you can sync your information across different devices and keep your data even when you change phones.

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iMoodJournal is a paid mood tracker app that helps you to track your mood, stress, and energy levels.

This allows for daily analysis of your daily feelings by journaling how you feel.

You can also select how you're feeling on a mood chart. It's one of the best mood tracking apps for bipolar people because of its interface.

You can upload pictures and add hashtags to describe how you're feeling.

It also helps you track your medications, sleep patterns, and quality.

There is also room for you to track whatever else it is that you want to track.

This app lets you identify the possible causes of your mood change and how you feel.

You also have access to daily, weekly and monthly charts and reports to track your mood patterns.

This is very useful for making necessary lifestyle changes that would help you stabilize your mood.

Moodtrack Social Diary

Moodtrack Social Diary works as a mood tracker and a diary that helps you to understand your mood throughout the day.

It graphs your moods into a chart or line graph and over time, you get a long-term graph that shows changes in your mood and behavior.

It also lets you rate how you're feeling over 5.

In addition to writing your mood and feelings down, you can write other significant details about your day and how you felt after using your medications.

Moodtrack social diary allows you to uncover patterns that would help you manage your mood better and make decisions that affect your feelings.

Your data is secure on this app because you can lock it with your fingerprint.

You can interact with other people on social media, and they can comment or share feedback on what you share.

You can also share your suggestions with other people on identifying and improving their moods.

You can also share your charts with your family, caregiver, and doctor to let them know how you feel.

You can also pay a one-time fee to keep your diary private.


Mood tracking apps provide support for bipolar people by helping them to live healthy and balanced life.

The 5 best mood tracking apps for bipolar people are eMoods, Daylio, Mood Log, iMoodJournal, and Mood Track Social Diary.


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