The Signs of Autism in Adults: How Do Autistic Adults Behave?

The Signs of Autism in Adults: How Do Autistic Adults Behave?

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a widely known neurodevelopmental disorder in humans and, it is noticeable right from childhood since they are very noticeable but what are the signs of autism in adults?

Autism is simply a disorder that happens to humans which doesn't let them form and maintain social relationships easily by distorting their verbal and non-verbal communication.

Nevertheless, not all people with autism have difficulty forming a relationship.

If one has not been diagnosed with autism in childhood, having the diagnosis afterward would still be helpful due to several reasons.

This would give them easy access to care and those services necessary to maintain their living.

This is necessary because autistic people usually find it hard to communicate and interact with their social environment. 

They also find it difficult to understand people and their feelings. 

They can't also respond to specific issues.

Sometimes, signs of autism in adults could be repetitive acts.

They might not notice it, but anyone around them could easily find them repeating actions.

This is due to their neurological system, but it isn't something that cannot be managed or maintained.

Some other signs of autism in adults could include:

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Difficulty in Holding a Smooth Conversation

The incapability to hold an interesting conversation is one of the signs of autism in adults. 

If you run into one at a public place and you happen to bring up a conversation, you'll notice their stutter in responding, speed in replying to you, or their inability to keep that conversation on, and in a short while, you guys will finish talking,

Discomfort Making Eye Contact

Have you ever been in this situation before where you are in a conversation with someone, and whenever your eye comes in contact, he looks away?

Yeah, that is one of the signs of autism in adults. 

You could say they're shy as well. If you always end up in that position, then you may have autism and should get a diagnosis for confirmation.

Autistic adults don't enjoy extensive eye contact since it bores down on their neurological systems. 

Hence, they tend to look away easily when they end up in such situations. 

However, with constant practice and care, they would improve and tend to hold stars more frequently.

Difficulties Controlling Emotions

Keeping their emotions in check is one of the signs of autism in adults.

How do they control their emotions when they can't show solid emotions? 

Autistic adults could easily pick offense. 

Because of this, they find it hard to sustain or form close bonds.

In extreme cases, they get hurt by the slightest sense of smell and hearing issues. 

And this is also a great hindrance to relationships forming. 

If you notice this in an adult who's your friend, you don't have to run off or get scared, rather you should find that which easily damages their emotions and try to work on it. 

This keeps them relaxed and they tend to relate better with you.

Sticking to One Topic of Interest 

I once had a friend who always raised a topic on flying cars. 

He was my colleague at work, and whenever we had lunch together during a conversation which I was always the first to start, he'll bring up his flying cars issue and delve into it.

Autistic adults usually have a great interest in one topic or very few topics. 

If you are having a conversation, it turns out to be like a lecture where they go on explaining their topic of interest to you without giving you little chance to chirp in.

This is one of the major signs of autism in adults that we come across from time to time, and what do we do? 

We let them ramble on because any interruption could trigger emotional failure and perhaps anger.

Strong Sense Of Smelling And Hearing

One of the signs of autism in adults is the ability to perceive a smell that other people around them might not perceive and hear noises that other people around them might not hear. 

Sometimes, they might be in a room with several people, and a bird might be calling far away.

They'll be the only ones hearing it while others will not. 

This is the balance for their neurological system. 

Since it's not entirely linked to what is before them.

Unique Abilities In A Specific Field 

Nerdy behavior is one of the signs of autism in adults. Several people who we refer to as nerds are autistic, and most times they are very talented and skilled in a particular course of study or field of expertise.

For instance, you could be very skilled at computer programming or development meanwhile you suck at English or History. 

Others could be badass at solving Mathematical equations and handling topics or subjects that require calculation.

Some people are very good at piloting or aircraft handling and building but what you should know is that these autistic adults do not do well in the social environment. 

Hence, the courses or fields they perform well in are those with less socialism in them.

Being Literal  

Being literal and gaining an understanding of things are signs of autism in adults. 

Autistic adults find it challenging to comprehend jokes or sarcasm either directed at them or someone else.

When you make a joke at them, it goes right to their brains and begins to eat them up.

The worst is when you make a sarcastic joke to them. 

Something like, "is it time for your medication or mine" is enough to shatter their moods. 

They'll interpret the statement as you're saying they need to take treatment for whatever problem they have.


There are several signs of autism in adults, and the above-listed are just a few of those signs. 

All autistic adults don't display all these signs. They may express some or most of them.

Autistic behaviors could also vary between different genders and ages. 

If you feel that you or someone around you is autistic, you can verify this by seeking medical help and a diagnosis. 

It's good to know that autism in adults is manageable, and there are remedies available to you.


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