How Autistic People Can Get Summer Jobs

How Autistic People Can Get Summer Jobs

Support for autism has continued to skyrocket as humanity advances.

This is a welcome development from the little attention people on the spectrum used to receive in the past.

Autistic people face daily challenges and try their best to carve out their own niche while living their experiences.

Job hunting can be quite soul-sucking for anyone who decides to undertake it.

Several setbacks are encountered by people on the spectrum when trying to find or keep jobs.

For this reason, it is, therefore, a very valuable exercise for autistic people to be able to have access to knowledge that will let them successfully navigate the often crazy endeavor that is job hunting.

There are various ways that autistic people can get summer jobs.

It could be via social media which makes interactions impersonal and therefore more comfortable for autistic persons.

A recommendation by family and friends goes a long way in the hunt for a summer job for autistic people.

Also, organizations that provide support for autistic people are a great area to look into on the hunt for a summer job.

This article provides a more in-depth look into the topic of how autistic people can get summer jobs:

Autism Therapists in Colorado

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Annalise Saylor, LPCC

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Seth Boughton, SWC

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Mackenzie Batson, LPCC

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Meghan Purcell, LPCC

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Deb Corbitt, LPC

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Jessica Titone, LPCC

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Olivia Woodring, LPCC, NCC

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Cassondra Chagnon, LPCC

Cassondra Chagnon, LPCC

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Maria Roncalli, LPC

Maria Roncalli, LPC

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Consider Your Interests 

Some autistic persons know exactly what kind of job they want but this is not the same for others.

The first thing to consider when trying to get a summer job for autistic persons is to find out what they have a passion for.

Sometimes the answer to the question of personal interests and passions is easy to know.

But when it is not there are ways to help you find out.

Asking yourself appropriate questions about what you want can help you arrive at satisfactory options which fit your interests.

You can also meet the career adviser at your school who may be familiar with you and can help find the answers needed.

Working at a job that one has an interest in is a big factor in guaranteeing someone enjoys what they do.

This should be considered more for people who are on the spectrum.

Autistic people can get summer jobs through a consideration of this factor as it maximizes the likelihood of them getting as well as keeping the job.

Personal interest is a great foundation on which to lay the selection process.

Assess Your Strengths and Weaknesses Objectively

Autistic people offer a variety of strengths if they can be assimilated well into employment.

They however can face challenges when it comes to getting or maintaining their employment.

No one on the planet ticks every box when it comes to strengths.

We all have our strengths as well as weaknesses. Autistic people can get summer jobs through a firm objective grasp on what makes the list.

An objective acknowledgment of strengths and weaknesses is a good way of ensuring that autistic people can cope and stay at their jobs when they eventually find one.

Generally, strengths commonly found in people on the spectrum in employment are great attention to detail, unrivaled memory and technical abilities, and a good eye for order.

Weaknesses may generally constitute things such as social anxiety, an inability to cohesively work with others, sensory challenges, and the like.

These should not be seen as a setback but an opportunity for growth and precise selection so autistic people can get summer jobs.

Once the good and the bad are identified, the summer job hunt gets a step closer.

Contact Helpful Organizations 

Autistic people can get summer jobs by looking into organizations that are specifically for that purpose or ones which provide overall support for autism.

These organizations do their best to help people on the spectrum find gainful employment.

This is achieved by recommending suitable available employment.

They also go beyond just that.

They help people on the spectrum get ready for employment by teaching them skills that are important for job interviews.

After employment follow-ups are common as these organizations try to ensure that the journey during employment continues to be as smooth as possible.

Some of the well-known organizations which help autistic people find employment are: Ambitious about Autism, Auticon, Care trade, Employment Autism, Remploy, etc.

Family and Friends Can Help You

Autistic people can get summer jobs through family and friends.

They are often the best place to start in the job search.

The good thing about taking this route is that friends and family are always willing to help out and will do their best to get you the best job they can.

It helps that they already know you and can tailor their recommendations to match your strengths, interests, or preferences.

When taking this option it is important to do your part in making them not regret their decision.

The first thing to do when asking for help from friends and family is to try your best to accurately give them a description of what you are looking for in a summer job.

With this knowledge, there is less of a burden on them.

Upon recommendation, you should see yourself as a representative of whichever family member or friend recommended you.

This means bringing a premium version of yourself to an interview or the job.

Use of Social Media

Social media is a good search point where autistic people can get summer jobs.

The lack of a need for verbal or face-to-face communication is a huge bonus for autistic people who use this option.

In a way, this could be a great leveler if used in the right manner.

When searching for summer jobs, a look into groups or communities on social media pages that support autistic people can help.

Groups that are dedicated to people on the spectrum often offer both a great network to connect to people who face similar experiences as well as a space where one can get information and advice from.


Autistic people can get summer jobs with careful consideration of necessary factors.

Things to take into account when trying to get summer jobs include the personal interests of the autistic person, an objective assessment of one's strengths and weaknesses, help from family and friends, looking into organizations that support autistic people, and the use of social media.


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