5 Things Autistic Employees Find Useful in the Workplace

5 Things Autistic Employees Find Useful in the Workplace

Autistic people have many strengths and exceptional skills that they contribute to the workplace.

In addition to these skills, they have the great technical ability, they are reliable, innovative, and pay close attention to details.

As an employer, you need to have a good understanding of autism so that you can make adjustments for them and provide them with things they find useful.

An inclusive workplace is one of the things autistic employees find useful in their workplace.

This shows that their workplace values them and cares for autism representation in the workplace.

It also creates in them a sense of belonging in the workplace.

Having an inclusive workplace is useful to both autistic employees and the employer as well.

A quiet work environment is also useful to autistic employees.

It is useful because it allows them to focus and be productive at their work.

The support of bosses and colleagues is very useful to autistic employees.

By ditching all biases and stereotypes they have towards employees with autism, they would be able to provide them with adequate support.

Training and mentorship programs in their workplace are also things autistic employees find useful.

They are ways through which autistic employees can develop their skills to perform effectively in their job and to be useful to their employers as well.

Here are 5 things autistic employees find useful in the workplace:

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Sarah Munk, LPC

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Brooke Moraski, LPCC, NCC

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Naomi Kettner, LPC, NCC

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A Quiet Work Environment 

Autistic people most of the time experience sensory overload as a result of bright, hot, or noisy work environments.

This can hinder their productivity at work.

The workplace environment for autistic employees needs to be quiet so that they can focus on their work and be productive.

A noise-blocking headset is one of the things autistic employees find useful for blocking out noise in their workplace.

The work environment must also have a moderate temperature or lighting.

Having an activity-based environment can also be challenging for autistic employees.

If they do not find it comfortable, you can allow them to choose their work environment or customize it to suit their needs.

Supportive Bosses and Colleagues 

The support of their colleagues and bosses at work is highly important to autistic employees.

Autistic people may find it difficult to interact with people.

Relating with other people would not be difficult when their colleagues are very helpful and supportive.

As colleagues of autistic people, you need to be very understanding and patient with them in cases where they make mistakes.

The buddy system can be useful to provide support for autistic employees.

The 'buddy' is usually someone who works within their team.

This person can provide all the support they would need to relate with other people and help them navigate the work environment.

When you have different autistic colleagues, never make assumptions about their needs.

This is because autistic people are different and may require support in different ways.

You should get to know them individually and support them based on their needs.

Providing support to autistic employees is one of the things autistic employees find useful.

It helps them to integrate into the workplace properly and to be effective at work.

An Inclusive Workplace 

Hiring an autistic person demonstrates an employer's commitment to diversity at their workplace.

It is also an opportunity to create a workforce where autistic people are represented and a way to utilize their talent.

Having an inclusive workplace for autistic employees entails; the provision of sensory considerations, using written or visual communication methods, clearly defined information about their roles and expectations and providing regular feedback from their supervisors to measure their work input and to inspire confidence in them.

All hands must be on deck to make the workplace inclusive.

This shows that you are positive towards them.

It would also encourage diversity in your team and make your workplace autism friendly. 

Clear Training 

Clear and structured training is useful for autistic people especially when they are just transitioning into their roles.

It helps them to settle into their roles with ease.

You can hire a job coach who is an expert in managing autistic people to train your autistic employees on how to handle their job roles and develop their social and technical skills needed on the job.

These training sessions also offer them opportunities to experience career growth even as autistic people.

It also helps them to execute their tasks optimally.

Managers and all other employees should also be trained on autism and how to work with autistic people.

These training sessions would offer them insights into the need for the inclusion of autistic people at work.

They would in turn be able to work with the management toward achieving an inclusive workplace in the long run.

Your autistic employees can also offer advice on things autistic employees find useful in the workplace.

Be prepared to implement their recommendations.

However, understand that the things autistic employees find useful differ and their needs may change.

As much as possible, be flexible and open to these changes.


Mentorship is one of the things autistic employees find useful at work.

Mentors can provide them with practical advice on how to navigate their work roles.

For autistic employees that are new on the job, mentors would also help them settle into the work environment.

The mentor could be a supervisor or a team member who is more experienced in the workplace.

You can run a series of mentorship programs for them on the job.

You can also look for mentors outside their team to provide them with mentorship.

Professionals with autism who have succeeded in their workplace or experts can also be of help in mentoring autistic employees.

Mentorship can inspire confidence in your autistic employees that they can also succeed in their roles, and experience career growth, and development.


Autistic people have a lot to offer to your workplace.

They need to find a workplace conducive to them to maximize their potential.

Things autistic employees find useful and beneficial in the workplace are a quiet work environment, inclusive workplaces, supportive bosses and colleagues, training opportunities, and mentorship by seniors or experts.


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