5 Effective Ways to Make Your Autistic Child More Flexible

5 Effective Ways to Make Your Autistic Child More Flexible

Autistic children often struggle with matters that involve flexibility.

Rather than reacting in a flexible manner, your child might become anxious.

Teaching how to make your autistic child more flexible is a great way to provide support for autism.

It can be difficult to make your autistic child more flexible when the child is in a state of worry or fear.

Your autistic child may be rigid in behavior due to a fear of the unknown.

By explaining why you put the fears and reassure your child.

Most parents apply certain routines to their children.

Autistic children can quickly grow used to a particular routine.

This is why it is important that you introduce gradual changes to make your child be more flexible.

Games are a great way to make your autistic child more flexible.

You can make new rules for old changes or create new games for your child.

It can be easier for your autistic child to accept changes in a fun setting.

The ways to make your autistic child more flexible are below:

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Joshua Goldberg, LPCC

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Susan Taylor, LPCC

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Explain Why

Sometimes rigidity is associated with safety for an autistic child.

An autistic child might believe they can predict what comes after by maintaining certain behaviors and routines.

However, the world is constantly changing, and flexibility is necessary to adjust to the world.

A great way to make your autistic child more flexible is to explain the underlining factors to your child.

Since your child might be struggling with fears of change, consider explaining the changes to your child.

For instance, you could explain why you are taking a different route home.

When explaining why to your child, it is important to be clear and detailed.

The way you explain the reason behind change might cause another type of rigidity in your autistic child.

Also, remember to reassure your child of their safety to allay their fears.

When your child becomes able to understand that change is not so different, it can be easier to flexible.

Since your autistic child might struggle to understand you, consider how you can make creative ideas to understand why the child should be flexible.

Use a Calendar

A great tool to help your autistic child be more flexible is a calendar.

Essentially, a calendar can help you make plans ahead for the future and the changes in the future.

You can use a calendar as an effective way for your child to get used to change by noting the changes each day.

The objective when using a calendar is to ensure that your autistic child gets used to change gradually.

Ahead of each day, try to note the highlights and changes of the day.

It is important to remain consistent and update your calendar if you decide to use a calendar to make your autistic child more flexible.

For instance, on your calendar, you could have holidays and birthdays.

One of the benefits of a calendar is your child can become familiar with changes.

Another benefit is that your child can independently look at the calendar and plan.

Over time, your child might even begin to expect change based on the calendar.

When selecting your calendar, consider a calendar with enough room to write what is going on in a day.

Try New Things 

It is understandable that you might have a routine for your autistic child.

However, this might only be enabling your child to become more rigid.

To make your autistic child more flexible, consider introducing new things.

This means considering changing your activities, instructions, and your to-do lists.

For instance, if you usually have your autistic child brush and then change to their pajamas, you can switch up the instruction for your autistic child to change to their pajamas and then brush.

It is essential to avoid your autistic child might feeling overwhelmed by changes.

Consider applying changes in a slow and gradual process.

When your autistic child has grown used to the changes, your child will be more flexible generally.

You can also consider involving your child in making new decisions.

It would help your child feel more in control when you give your child options on the steps to take.

For instance, you could ask your child about a different route to take to school.

Use Games

Using games is an excellent way to make your autistic child more flexible.

Games can capture the attention of your child.

In the game's course, changes can be introduced gradually.

Try to remember the games you play with your autistic child.

Consider if you can make any slight rule changes to the game.

If your child accepts the new rules, then your child is warming up to being flexible.

Another strategy you could consider is to make up new games.

Most games rely on creativity and imagination.

For instance, you can take a random object like a ball and use the object in another way.

After a while, try to get your autistic child to create their own game.

This helps your child to develop their creativity and think in more than one way.

It is important to remember that the objective of the game is to introduce changes to your child in a fun way.

Reinforce Flexibility 

It can be difficult for an autistic child to try new or different things.

Doubts and fear could be among the many reasons your autistic child could prefer to be rigid.

A powerful way to make your autistic child more flexible is to reinforce flexible thinking when your child applies flexible thinking.

Reinforcing the behavior could be in the form of praise and any act your autistic child would understand.

Praise can help build the confidence of your autistic child.

A great way to reinforce the behavior is to repeat the particular act.

It is possible that your autistic child might not have recognized their actions.

For instance, you could repeat to your autistic child that you noticed the child used a different pen to do their homework.

This might cause your child to acknowledge the work.

It is vital to reinforce the model behavior you want from your autistic child.

This can be a great way to communicate the behavior you want in your child.


Children with autism might get easily frustrated by any disruptions to their routines or schedule.

Disruptions are, however, a common part of life.

Support for autism might lead you to consider how to make your autistic child more flexible such as explaining why, using a calendar, trying new things, using games, and reinforcing flexibility.


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