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CU Anschutz Expert: Returning to the Office Brings Emotions and Issues

We are now in the thick of it as employees return to their in-office work routines. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, many people have had to adjust to working remotely. For some, this has been a smoot...

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What is Colorado Doing About Mental Health and Substance Use?

The state legislature is appropriating $450 million to help people with mental health and substance use disorders. Colorado has been struggling with mental health and substance abuse crises for&n...

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Mental Health Program Secures Funding in Boulder County

Boulder County Districts Attorney's Office has announced that it has secured funding to expand its mental health diversion program. The successful program, which helps divert people with mental health...

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CU Anschutz Medical Campus says Half of the Liver Transplants Done Last Year in the State Were Due to Alcohol Abuse

This is a shocking statistic, and it highlights the serious problem that alcohol abuse is causing in our communities. Alcohol abuse is damaging our citizens both physically and emotionally, and it is ...

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More States are Allowing Students to Take Mental Health Days Off

A recent article discusses the trend of more states allowing students to take mental health days off from school. Despite this, there are still concerns about a lack of services for young people. Some...

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COVID-19 and the Impact on Young Students’ Social Interactions: Psychologist Offers Solutions

The pandemic that swept the globe earlier this year forced schools to close their doors, leaving young students with little to no social interaction. This lack of socialization may have long-term cons...

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Denver's Children's Hospital Receives $100,000 Donation to Train Motivational Health Coaches

In light of the increased mental health needs of children during the coronavirus pandemic, Denver's Children's Hospital has received a $100,000 donation to train motivational health coaches. This is a...

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New Partnership in Aurora CO to help with 'Mental Health Crisis'

Aurora is partnering with a local organization to help address what officials are calling a "mental health crisis" in the city. The city has seen a surge in mental health-related calls in recent years...

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