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Social Anxiety Symptoms in Children

Social Anxiety Symptoms in Children

Proper socialization is a vital part of the healthy mental development of children, and any interruption or issue with such socialization may have lasting health impacts on a child. While social anxiety disorder typically develops in older children and adolescents, it is possible to see the condition develop in younger children as well. Given the crucial role of social cohesion in a child's developmental cycle, children with social anxiety disorder face unique challenges that adolescents and adults may not. Likewise, symptoms of social anxiety disorder in children, while similar to those in adolescents and adults, may vary somewhat. If your child is displaying any of these symptoms, it may be indicative of social anxiety disorder:

  • Difficulties or refusal to play with other children
  • Irritability, hostility, or temper tantrums when faced with uncomfortable situations
  • Unwillingness to go to school
  • Social isolation
  • Fear of being called on in class or of sharing with other children
  • Fear of being judged by other children
  • Poor performance in school
  • Fear of asking the teacher for help
  • Few friends, or otherwise uncomfortable in peer groups
  • Avoids eye contact

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Thursday, 02 July 2020


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