How to Overcome Crippling Anxiety

How to Overcome Crippling Anxiety

How does one overcome crippling anxiety when it throws one's body into a state of unrest?

One of the ways to overcome crippling anxiety is to exercise the body daily.

Another way is to keep company with people around.

Remember also to eat a balanced diet regularly.

Avoid frequent thinking.

Having adequate rest and sleep can also help overcome crippling anxiety.

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What Is Crippling Anxiety?

Anxiety is having a sense of worry, and unease, about what is about to happen or occur. Anxiety is sometimes how we feel in our everyday life, and it is usual, mainly when one is in a tight situation.

However, Crippling Anxiety is an extreme or intense feeling of fear about everyday activities. Crippling anxiety is also known as an anxiety disorder. An anxiety disorder occurs when fear effects occur in actually harmless situations.

Those affected undergo the fear very intensely, both mentally and physically. Crippling anxiety is capable of destroying a person within a short time. It should not be ignored as it is a threat to one's healthy state of living.

Causes of Crippling Anxiety

Crippling anxiety can be caused by a lot of factors, some of which are;

  • Drug abuse: Misuse of drugs and excessive intake of drugs can increase anxiety in a person, leading to crippling anxiety if not stopped.
  • Stress: Crippling anxiety is most times incited by stress. When the body is subjected to stress without quality resting time.
  • High expectations: Anxiety often increases when one expects a lot from people, raising hopes high. Crippling anxiety can easily creep in when such goals are not met after such a person's hope is high.
  • Bullying: Bullying can cause the rate of fear in a person to increase as it causes pain to the body. Therefore, crippling anxiety can set in through fear of being bullied.
  • Bad news: When one hears a piece of bad news, the heart tends to skip a beat because of fear. However, sudden hearing of bad news can trigger crippling anxiety in a person.
  • Genetic traits: Research shows that crippling anxiety can run in the blood of family members. Therefore, one may tend to have crippling anxiety if such a person's relatives have it.
  • Prolonged sickness: When a sickness keeps staying for a long period, it can result in deep thinking and crippling anxiety.
  • Thoughts of bad past: When the past thoughts such as a bad event, keep reoccurring, it creates a bad feeling in a person. It can trigger crippling anxiety in such a person.

Symptoms of Crippling Anxiety

Knowing whether a person is under the influence of crippling anxiety is to study the person and know whether the symptoms of crippling anxiety are evident in such a person. Some of the symptoms of crippling anxiety are;

  • Sweating and feeling dizzy: Such a person will undergo frequent sweating and will sometimes feel dizzy
  • Shortness of breath: Crippling anxiety comes with the inability to breathe well.
  • Feeling helpless at all times: A person who is noticing crippling anxiety will always feel helpless.
  • Loss of control up to the immediate fear of death: Fear rises so high to a state of no control in such a person, and the person thinks about death more often.
  • Pressure in the chest or head: Pains can arise in the chest or head and restrict such a person from having a good health condition.
  • Uncontrollable worry: It causes worries that are hard to control
  • Nagging: Someone who gets angry quickly over minor issues can be affected by crippling anxiety.
  • Feeling tired quickly: Such a person will always get tired quickly, even after engaging in little chores.
  • Having an intense rate of breathing: The rapid rate of breathing is also one of the symptoms of crippling anxiety.
  • Having the consciousness of looming danger: Such a person will always think about oncoming danger and how to escape it.

How to Overcome Crippling Anxiety

Anxiety can be tackled easily, but treatment should be carried out instantly when it gets to the level of crippling anxiety. However, subduing crippling anxiety is not a day's work. It involves daily treatment by learning skills that help. Here are ways to learn to overcome crippling anxiety;

  1. Avoid anxiety for a while: Crippling anxiety doesn't start without anxiety at first. Therefore, to avoid crippling anxiety, do away with anxiety for a while. Avoid crises that quickly boost anxiety.
  2. Regularly exercise your body: Exercise helps the body to be relieved and to do away with stress. Therefore, regular exercises will help stabilize the body from crippling anxiety.
  3. Keep company with people: Anxiety quickly creeps into one's body when such a person is isolated. Keeping company with people makes the mood be lifted, and it helps to do away with every form of thought that can result in crippling anxiety.
  4. Eat a balanced diet: Good foods in the right portion help the flow of blood in the body and give nutrients to the body. These nutrients help fight against the rising crippling anxiety in the body.
  5. Have adequate rest or sleep: Lack of rest or sleep can make the body weak and prone to having a series of thoughts, resulting in crippling anxiety. Therefore, resting and sleeping well help overcome needless thoughts which could lead to crippling anxiety.
  6. Avoid over-thinking completely: Crippling anxiety mostly comes from over-thinking, which now creates extreme fear. When overthinking is avoided, one is on the path to achieving crippling anxiety.
  7. Let go of unpleasant past: Recalling the bad past hurt a lot. However, to do away with crippling anxiety, the future should be looked more into, not the past.
  8. Meditation: Regular meditation helps to counter stress and depression in the body. Hence, boosting the health of the body against crippling anxiety.


How does one overcome crippling anxiety when it is on the verge of having harmful effects on the body? You can overcome crippling anxiety by having a balanced diet, having regular exercise, having adequate rest, avoiding over-thinking, and keeping company with people.


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