Grounding for Anxiety and To Gain Focus and Connection

Grounding for Anxiety

Grounding for anxiety - which is also called "Earthing" - is a very effective strategy for easing anxiety. 

It can also be a great tool for centering and externalizing your anxiety.

Don't worry if you don't already have practice with meditation or visualization: grounding for anxiety is a simple meditation technique that is great for beginners. 

You won't need to memorize any mantras or place your body in a specific position.

You just need (preferably) a piece of ground to stand and sit on, some oxygen to breathe, and a few minutes.

Starting your day with grounding is a great way to reduce anxiety, gain focus, become more grounded, and connect with nature.

Don't worry: grounding isn't just for hippies or people who carry crystals around in their pockets. 

Grounding for anxiety and the benefits of grounding have solid science behind them. 

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How Grounding for Anxiety Works

There is solid science supporting the practice of grounding for anxiety. 

As you probably learned in school, everything is made of atoms. 

You might remember that atoms are made of protons, electrons, and neutrons.

Things that have more protons, such as your smartphone and your computer, carry with them a positive charge. 

Things that have more neutrons, such as dirt and grass, carry with them a negative charge.

While we typically associate positive with good and negative with bad, this actually works in the opposite way. 

Things that are positively charged by too many protons can be harmful to both your physical health and your mental health.

Your television, your smartphone, your computer - and most electronic devices - emit a positive charge. 

This means that you can collect too many protons by working all day at your computer, constantly checking your phone, or binge-watching shows at night.

This can lead to a decrease in both physical health and mental health.

Grounding for anxiety is a way to combat this positive charge and ease your anxiety.

The Healing Power of the Earth

The surface of the Earth is full of neutrons. When you walk or sit on the ground, it is called grounding. 

Some people might refer to it as "Earthing." 

Whatever you want to call it, it is Nature's way of neutralizing harmful charges.

It's important that you ground while barefoot, so your feet can create a closed circuit with the ground.

This will begin to neutralize the protons you've picked up from working and living in the modern world disconnected from Nature.

Once your bare feet touch the Earth, take several really deep breaths. 

You might even want to stretch your arms out a bit while you breathe.

Start by focusing on the feeling of the ground. 

Wiggle your toes a bit. 

Or, you can lean into your feet to feel the connection more strongly. 

You might even want to rock back and forth a bit.

You can do this as long as you want, but try to breathe until you feel a noticeable release. 

This means your body is becoming neutralized.

You can release all charged states by grounding since it puts your body's charge back at neutral. 

This is why grounding for anxiety is so effective. 

You're tapping directly into the healing power of the Earth.

How to Ground: Getting Centered

Grounding for anxiety also includes centering. 

Centering is pulling your energy into your body to become more centered in your physical self.

Once you've started to feel the release of becoming grounded, you can turn your attention to centering.

Imagine pulling all of your attention, thoughts, anxieties, concerns, worries, and energy back into your body. 

The practice of doing this is called centering. 

You're pulling all of your attention inside of your physical body.

You can ground and center standing up, sitting down, or laying down. 

Whichever feels the most comfortable for you at the moment.

You can also make this step short or longer if you need more time.

How to Ground: Step by Step

Once you feel present and relaxed in your body, it's time to practice grounding your anxiety.

Sit directly on the Earth. 

Don't use a blanket if you don't have to. 

It's the direct contact with the Earth that produces the neutralized grounding effect.

When you sit down, you might want to cross your legs, but you don't have to. 

Sit in a mindful, but relaxed posture.

You can close your eyes if you want to, but it is not necessary.

Now, imagine a cord coming out the bottom of your spine where it connects with the Earth. 

This is your grounding cable.

Imagine your grounding cable traveling down into the Earth.

It passes tree roots. 

It passed sedimented rock layers. 

Maybe stores of water below the surface.

As your grounding cord travels down, imagine it connecting to the core of the planet. 

You can imagine that it looks like anything you want it to look like: the core of the Earth could be a crystal, a seed, an egg, or molten lava.

Connect to the core of the Earth. 

Continue breathing in to further your feelings of grounding. 

You might want to re-center here by bringing your energy and your focus back into your body.

You might want to stick with the grounding cable, but you can also add roots to your body in your imagination. 

Like a tree, feel your roots pushing through the soil. Imagine the dark, cool Earth that envelops them.

Feel the little roots and rocks you move past within the Earth.

Remember that Mother Earth is your home. 

You belong. 

You are safe. 

You are connected.

Next, you might want to think of a situation that's causing you anxiety: your finances, your family, your career, etc. 

Try to select one anxiety that is troubling you most.

Now, imagine that anxiety leaving your body through the cord and roots and entering the Earth. 

There it is cleansed, cooled, and protected.

Stay grounded and do this for as long as you need to.

When you're ready, imagine your energy cleansed of anxiety. 

Pull it back up into your body through the roots. 

You might also pull up a solution, a thought, an idea, or some wisdom. 

If so, accept it as a gift from the Earth.

Open your eyes if necessary and take a few deep breaths.

You are grounded and connected to the Earth.

The Other Benefits of Grounding

Studies have shown that grounding has a significant impact on anxiety and other issues.

Grounding for anxiety regularly has been shown to reduce inflammation which is linked to depression, anxiety, and chronic illness. 

Grounding has also been shown to improve sleep, reduce stress, promote physical and mental healing, relieve pain, and calm anxiety and the nervous system.


Grounding for anxiety is a great, natural way to start feeling better right now. 

Reconnecting with the Earth is reconnecting to ourselves. 

And, grounding for anxiety helps us reconnect with what is truly important. 

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