Best Home Remedies for Anxiety Attacks

Best Home Remedies for Anxiety Attacks

Have you ever been in a state of fear, distress, and high tension and you begin sweating profusely and wonder, what is the best anxiety attack home remedy?

People typically experience an anxiety attack when they fear that they are in danger or that something bad is going to happen.

The first thing that you will want to do is try to relax.

If you feel like you need a break from the stress and anxiety that is causing your anxiety attacks, take a walk, listen to music, read a book or watch television.

This will give you something else to focus on and will help to reduce your stress levels.

Anxiety can disrupt your quality of life at home, but there are useful anxiety attack home remedies to use when you have these kinds of feelings.

One of the best anxiety attack home remedies you can try is eating a healthy diet.

Avoid eating junk!

Remember to carefully choose your meals and ensure you're always getting a balanced diet.

Another best anxiety attack home remedy is meditation.

Allowing your mind to quieten and be at rest during meditation is a good anxiety attack home remedy.

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What is an Anxiety Attack?

Anxiety attacks occur when a person experiences feelings of intense fear and panic without warning, often for no reason. 

It is one of the most common mental health disorders in the world, affecting more than 40 million adults in the United States—that's 18.1% of the population every year. 

When you think of anxiety, you might picture a nervous or stressed-out person, but anxiety can manifest itself in many other ways.

Anxiety attacks can be caused by social situations, stressful events, and physical factors like caffeine and alcohol. 

There are also specific risk factors that can increase a person's likelihood of developing an anxiety disorder. 

Symptoms include rapid breathing or hyperventilation, increased heart rate, sweating or trembling, weakness or dizziness, nausea, hot flashes or chills, chest pain, and tingling sensations in the hands and feet.

The person may feel like they're losing control or that something terrible is about to happen to them.

What are the Best Home Remedies for an Anxiety Attack?  

There are many ways to treat anxiety disorders effectively, but sometimes simple home remedies prove to be very helpful in dealing with anxiety and its symptoms. 

When you start experiencing an anxiety attack, you can try some of these home remedies before seeking professional help:

These are methods by which we can decrease the amount of anxiety that can take over our lives at home and some of the anxiety attack home remedies available:

Deep Breathing Exercises

One of the most common symptoms of an anxiety attack is shortness of breath due to hyperventilation. 

Deep breathing exercises can help relieve this symptom and prevent the onset of a panic attack. 

If you feel like you're going to have an anxiety attack, try taking long deep breaths—in through your nose and out through your mouth—for 10 seconds as soon as possible.

Being Active Through Regular Exercise

If you exercise frequently, it helps to maintain regular health, mentally and physically. 

Exercise can help reduce anxiety and can be a great way to get rid of the energy anxiety generates.

Regular exercise has been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression by promoting the release of endorphins (brain chemicals that produce a feel-good effect) and increasing blood flow to the brain. 

Exercise also helps improve sleep quality, which is often disturbed by stress and anxiety.

Exercise can relieve stress and decrease tension in your body by allowing the natural release of chemicals like dopamine and serotonin into your bloodstream.

There is an entire branch of psychology called sports psychology that focuses on how sports and exercise affect a person's health and mental state. 

Sports psychologists use exercise as a tool for helping clients overcome depression and anxiety in their everyday lives.

An analysis of 12 randomized controlled studies discovered that exercise could be an effective remedy for anxiety.

The review however cautioned that research of higher quality is required to assess the effectiveness of exercise. 

Exercise is also a great way to reduce the anxiety that is caused by stressful situations.

The findings of a 2016 study, for instance, suggest that exercise can aid those suffering from anxiety related to the decision to quit smoking cigarettes. 

This is one of the ways anxiety attack home remedy is introduced.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol is an all-natural stimulant. 

Drinking a glass of wine, or drink of whiskey as anxiety is high may ease your anxiety at first. 

But once the effects subside the anxiety may be back with more force. 

If you depend on alcohol for relief from anxiety, instead of addressing the root cause of the issue and causing it, you may develop dependence.

Alcohol can worsen the symptoms of anxiety attacks because it's a depressant. If you drink alcohol often and experience attacks, as a result, try quitting for a few weeks to see if your symptoms improve.

Through this, anxiety attack home remedy is achieved.


Meditation can ease racing thoughts and help to manage anxiety and stress. 

There are myriad styles of meditation that be effective, such as meditation and mindfulness that are performed in yoga.

The primary goal of meditation is to clear the thoughts that are chaotic from your mind and substitute them with a feeling of peace and awareness in the present. 

Meditation can reduce anxiety and stress. 

Johns Hopkins research suggests that 30 minutes of regular meditation may alleviate some symptoms of anxiety and can act as an antidepressant.

Stop Smoking 

Smokers are known to light up in moments of tension. 

Like taking a drink, smoking cigarettes when you're stressed out is an easy way to relieve stress but could make anxiety worse in the long run. 

Research has proven that the earlier you begin smoking cigarettes, the higher your chance of developing anxiety disorders later. 

The research also suggests that nicotine as well as other chemicals in cigarettes alter the neural pathways that are related to anxiety.

By following this, anxiety attack home remedy is put in place.


Finding an avenue to express the anxiety you are experiencing can seem more manageable.

Research suggests that journaling or other types of writing can assist people to overcome anxiety. 

For instance, a research study in 2016 showed that writing creatively can help children and teens deal with anxiety. 

Strategies For Managing Time

Certain people are anxious when they are juggling too many obligations simultaneously. 

This could include activities that are related to work, family, or health. 

Making a plan will aid in reducing anxiety. 

Effective time management strategies aid people to focus on a single task at a given time. 

Planners online and calendars may aid, as can resisting the temptation to multitask.

Many people find that breaking down big projects into manageable chunks helps them finish the tasks with less stress.

Eat A Balanced Diet 

In the case of low blood sugar, dehydration or the presence of chemicals in processed foods, like artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, may cause mood swings for some individuals. 

A diet rich in sugar may also alter the mood. If your anxiety increases after eating, you should review how you consume food. 

Drink plenty of water, avoid processed food items, and follow nutritious meals that are high in complex carbohydrates vegetables, and fruits, as also lean protein.

Spend Time With Animals 

Pets provide companionship, affection, and provide support. A study published in 2018 proved that pets are of assistance to those suffering from many mental health problems, such as anxiety. 

While many people are drawn to dogs, cats as well as other small mammals those with allergies will be glad to know that pets do not necessarily have to be fur to help. 

A study from 2015 found that care for insects may boost the mental health of older adults. 

The time spent with animals can reduce stress and anxiety caused by trauma.

The results of a systematic review show that taking care of and being with horses may lessen the effects of trauma.


The aroma of calming plant oils may aid in relieving anxiety and stress. 

Certain scents are more effective for certain types of people than others, so it is worth trying different scents. 

The scent of lavender can be particularly beneficial. 

A study conducted in 2012 examined its effects on sleep in 67 individuals between the ages of 45 and 55. 

The results show that aromatherapy may lower heart rate in the short term and aid in reducing insomnia in the long term.

Herbal Teas 

Many teas with herbal ingredients promise to alleviate insomnia and anxiety. 

Many users find making and drinking tea by itself to be a relaxing experience.

Certain teas might possess a greater direct impact on the brain that results in lessening anxiety. 

The findings of a small study in 2018 suggest that chamomile could affect the levels of cortisol the stress hormone. 

This is also an attack home remedy.


If you're worried about anxiety, try these anxiety attack home remedies as they can ease your anxiety. 

Be aware that home remedies are a great way to relieve anxiety

The increased anxiety could require treatment or prescription medications. 

Consult your doctor about your concerns.


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