Alcohol Rehabs in Grand Junction Colorado

Table of Contents Introduction Outpatient Programs Detox Center Getting Help - Overcomers Counseling Overcoming Alcohol Addiction Conclusion Introduction Grand Junction, Colorado, offers a robust netw...

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Self Sabotage in Addiction Recovery

Self-sabotage can be a formidable adversary in the battle against addiction. It's like an invisible enemy, often unrecognized until it has already struck, undermining efforts of recovery and personal ...

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When Exercise Addiction Becomes a Harmful Obsession

Are you or someone you know constantly exercising? If that is the case, then exercise addiction may be to blame. Exercise addiction is an unhealthy obsession with exercise and physical fitness.&n...

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Compulsion vs Addiction: What is the Difference?

Understanding the complex relationship between compulsion and addiction is essential in providing effective treatment and support for those struggling with these conditions.  Both compulsion and ...

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Fighting Work Addiction for Your Mental Health

You may be putting in long hours at your job, and could be asking yourself: "Am I addicted to work?" If you feel this way, you are at the right place to begin the process of healing from this rea...

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How to Tell If Someone Has a Gambling Problem

Gambling, for some, is an occasional pastime or social activity that causes no harm. However, when it transitions from a casual hobby to a compulsive need, it can evolve into a serious problem with de...

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How to Help Your Partner with Gambling Addiction

Gambling is often seen as a harmless pastime, a way to add a little extra excitement to a sports game or even a fun, occasional trip to the casino.  However, for some individuals, what starts as ...

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Drug Addiction and Breaking It's Hold on Your Life

If you are like many, who have fallen into the vice of drug addiction and don't see a way out, this article is here to give you hope and insight into the problems you face. Drugs are a prevalent issue...

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Ready to Try Online Therapy for Addiction? How It Can Help You.

In the digital age, therapy has adapted to meet the needs of a diverse, tech-savvy clientele.  Online therapy, also known as teletherapy or e-therapy, has emerged as a convenient and effective me...

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Why Do Addicts Relapse When Things Are Good?

Addiction is a complex and chronic disease characterized by compulsive substance use despite harmful consequences. It affects the brain's reward system, leading to repeated cycles of intense cravings ...

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How to Overcome Withdrawal Symptoms of Smoking

Smoking remains one of the world's most pressing health issues, directly linked to numerous diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and a variety of cancers. Despite the well-known health risks, milli...

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Addiction Recovery Centers and Resources in Boulder Colorado

As a mental health service that works to help all of Colorado with their mental health needs, both in-person and online counseling, Overcomers Counseling has firsthand experience with the st...

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Relapse Warning Signs Checklist

Relapse is a common part of the recovery process from addiction, characterized by a return to old behaviors or substance use after a period of improvement. Recognizing relapse warning signs is crucial...

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Self-Care in Addiction Recovery Examples

Self-care is a fundamental aspect of addiction recovery, yet it's often overlooked or undervalued. Recovery is a complex process that requires not only abstaining from addictive substances but also re...

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