How to Manage the Stigma of Addiction

Much of the stigma of addiction is external. Therefore it's challenging to overcome. However, you can control how you react to this stigma. Whether you hear or feel people around you trying to drag yo...

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How Does Alcohol Abuse Differ from Alcoholism?

There is a big difference between alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Many people don't understand the difference, and often mistake abuse for addiction. In this blog post, we will discuss the key differenc...

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How To Help An Addict Without Enabling Them

How to help an addict without enabling them? 

This is a question that many people struggle with, as they want to do what's best for the addict but don't want to enable them. 

So, what exactly does it mean to enable an addict?

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4 of the Most Common Comorbidities with Addiction

Comorbidities and addiction are quite a common pair. What this means is that you've chosen to self-medicate a co-occurring illness with drugs or alcohol. When you choose to get sober, these illnesses ...

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Understanding the Cost of Addiction

Addiction knows no boundaries. It can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. You may not even stop to think about it and before you know it you're dealing with being addicted to drugs and alcohol or...

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What to Look for in an Addiction Counselor

Unfortunately, we live in a society that doesn't do a good job of empathizing with those in recovery. While many people may view you as someone who lacks willpower, this isn't the attitude you want yo...

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Understanding the Differences Between Men and Women in Addiction

In the past, research only looked at how men were affected by addiction. Unfortunately, this medical bias didn't recognize substance use in women is a different type of disorder. However, in the 1990s...

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How to Break Sugar Addiction

Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, you're not alone. Sugar is one of the most addictive substances out there. It's no wonder that so many people have a hard time breaking their sugar addiction!  I...

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Denver Colorado's Drugs and Alcohol Rehab & Detox Centers

Table of Contents Introduction Denver CARES The Raleigh House Sandstone Care Denver Rehab Center Mountain Springs Recovery Tips on How to Choose the Right Rehab and Detox Center Conclusion Introductio...

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What's The Root Cause of Addiction?

In the last few years, the public has become aware of an increasing number of people addicted to drugs.  These individuals are often ostracized and seen as morally corrupt.  In response, reh...

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Eating Disorder Support Groups in Boulder CO

Table of Contents Introduction Overcomers Counseling La Luna Center The University of Colorado Overeaters Anonymous Best Eating Disorder Apps Conclusion Introduction Have you ever thought about how mu...

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How to Quit Smoking - Colorado Resources, Support, & More

Table of Contents Introduction Preparing to Quit Smoking: A Comprehensive Checklist Colorado QuitLine Smokefree Tools and Techniques for Quitting Maintaining a Smoke-Free Life Conclusion Introduction ...

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Recognizing Addiction

Addiction is a serious issue and manifests in a variety of different forms.  It's also a word that get's used more frequently as a joke or hyperbole than an actual description of a struggle someo...

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7 Ways to Kick Your Shopping Addiction for Good

Shopaholics rejoice! This is a blog post dedicated to helping you break your shopping addiction once and for all. We'll explore some of the root causes of why you love to shop and offer some tangible ...

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Self Sabotage in Addiction Recovery

Self-sabotage can be a formidable adversary in the battle against addiction. It's like an invisible enemy, often unrecognized until it has already struck, undermining efforts of recovery and personal ...

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