Why Addiction is Hard to Overcome

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse, you're probably wondering why addiction is hard to overcome. You might be watching someone choose their addiction over their kids or their career. Or, you might be struggling to quit yourself.  You might have tried many times to kick your habit.  Don't worry, it's common ...

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Are Addiction Counselors Mandated Reporters?

Are addiction counselors mandated reporters? This is a common question. 

And, a very important one because asking this question might save your life. 

In this article, you'll learn about mandated reporting laws

The code of ethics that governs addiction counseling. And, more details about what addiction counseling is so that you understand it better. 

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How Addiction Affects the Family

One of the most tragic things about addiction is how addiction affects the family. 

It doesn't just harm the person who is addicted, it harms everyone who cares about them. 

Especially their family members.

Addiction affects the family in many ways.

It harms relationships by causing mistrust on one side and shame on the other. 

If the addict is a parent, it can threaten the basic security of the family. 

They might lose their job or home which will affect their children's basic sense of safety. 

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How Addiction Works

One of the first steps to getting the help you need is by understanding how addiction works. 

We've all heard a lot about addiction: it changes you, it will ruin your life, it will make you a liar, it will send you to jail.

While these are some of the worst effects of addiction, it's not really how addiction works. 

Addiction is a disease that starts in your brain.

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How Addiction Affects the Brain

Addiction starts in the brain. It does not happen because of bad choices, or, because of a lack of self-control, or, because of a weak will. 

It happens because your brain is predisposed to addiction.

This is why addiction so often runs in families: there is a genetic neurological reason that causes addiction. 

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Can Addiction Cause Depression?

Can addiction cause depression?  That's a great question.  You might have trouble distinguishing the symptoms of addiction from the symptoms of depression. But, don't worry.  There are many links between addiction and depression. People with depression are more likely to become addicts.  And, addicts frequently start exhibiting ...

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Are Addiction and Obsession the Same Thing?

Are addiction and obsession the same thing?  This is a great question to ask because addiction and obsession are more closely connected than you might think. Addiction can often seem like an obsession.  And, obsession can often seem like an addiction.  Particularly, to someone watching from the outside.  Or, to someone who has n...

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Why Addiction is a Brain Disease

There is a lot of stigmas attached to having an addiction, but what most people don't understand is that addiction is a brain disease. There has been recent scientific evidence that has drastically changed how scientists and counselors view addiction and people who struggle with addiction.  The most important of these findings is that addictio...

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Cognitive Restructuring Tools to Help Overcome Addiction

In the second article (Changing Thinking) of this series on learning to change our thinking, some of the tools for this process were introduced.  This article will present more details of each thought-changing skill and will provide the practical application of each skill.  Individuals who recognize that their own thought process is havin...

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Top Addiction Counselors in Colorado Springs

Finding an addiction counselor can be hard and sometimes tedious.   The constant searching and phone tag are annoying in and of itself, which alone, is enough of a reason to stop us in our tracks.   Therapy relationships are built on our first interaction and so it's often hard to gauge your compatibility onl...

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Changing Thinking - The Missing Piece To Change The Way You Think

A common theme for individuals working towards long-term recovery is learning to avoid people, places and things that were related to their active addiction. These are considered to have great relapse potential and thus changing the people, places and things in recovery is essential.  It is important to note that almost all of those who a...

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"Whatever!" - When Our Good Intentions and Optimism Take A Nosedive

At some point or other in our human existence we all experience some varying degree or intensity of the following thought process:  'whatever', 'I quit', 'I give up', 'f@#$ it', 'I'm done', 'forget about it', 'screw it', 'screw this', or 'I don't care'. We may retreat into this way of thinking when fighting, trying, or struggling to chang...

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11 Questions That Answer, "Am I An Alcoholic?"

Do you ever wonder if you drink "normally"? ​  What is normal?  Isn't it all relative to the person?  It's imperative if one has a concern, they get help sooner rather than later.   Alcholol abuse is a serious issue and addressing it early on will prevent devastating repercussions.  Each question below contains 4 ...

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