Post-Partum Mamas!

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Together we can accomplish great things!

This exclusive support group is for women who are mothers (biological or adoptive) to babies who would like to have an environment free to express feelings, thoughts, discuss myths around the 'perfect' mother and the pressures mothers feel.

Real Topics...Real Support

Moms finding support from a licensed counselor, specializing in Postpartum depression and from each other!


Mothering the New Mother

Responding to emotional needs in the postpartum period.

The Darker, Real Sides of Motherhood

What isn't always discussed openly.

Motherhood and our Childhoods

Our fears and hopes as mothers in relation to how we were mothered.

Postpartum Depression, Anxiety and Overwhelm

Understanding your experience and developing coping skills.

Challenging the "Myths of Motherhood"

The pressures to be 'perfect', mother's experiences, how there is no one set standard of mothering, culture, race, gender and sexual orientation, and ability as it impacts motherhood.

Fostering Connections

Fostering Emotional Connections and Attachment with your Baby.

Frustration, Anger, and Irritability ourselves, partners, and/or children.

Establishing Boundaries

Developing confidence to parent and set boundaries with various family members (i.e. mother-in-laws) and other people who overstep when it comes to parenting and motherhood preferences.


What moms can do to prioritize themselves in order to be more present, mental health medications and therapy, exercise, socializing, etc.

Couples Care

Maintaining connection and intimacy after the baby is born.

Exclusive Content

Articles, Videos, Audio, Events and more!


Group Admin

"Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you!"

Alexis Olson, CSWC
Alexis Olson, CSWCTherapist
Hi Moms, I'm happy to support you in the ups and downs of postpartum depression,

"This is an illness that takes away a woman's joy...right at the time she needs it the most."

Dr. Katherine Wisner