Ready To Be A Support Group Facilitator?

With your expertise and compassion, you can make a difference in the mental wellness of many individuals!

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Revenue Based On Membership

Earn income by providing high-quality content for your members that will improve their lives!  Your commission is based on active membership.

Create Content That Inspires!

As a group facilitator, your goal is to create content that inspires, trains, educates, and supports the mental health of your group.  


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Tasks & Todos

Activity Stream

Highlights brand new status updates, profile pictures, upcoming events, photos, videos or audio uploads, interactive polls and much more.

Custom Backgrounds

Post status updates with a fun splash of solid or gradient colors. Site admins can also add various custom backgrounds at the backend as well.

Curated Stream Filters

Users can now easily search through the activity streams with the stream filters based on the different conditions and post types.

#Hashtags & @Mentions

#Hashtags help users to search for the latest trend on social media or topics that are being actively discussed. You have to option to alert your friends by mentioning their @names.

Emoji Browser ? ❤️

Key in ":" on the story form and it'll suggest the available emoji on the site. Site admins can also upload new emoji at the backend as well.

Interactive Polls

Create and post questions that allows your friends and followers to cast their votes.


User can tag a person whose post might be of their interest and it will also notify them after being tagged.

Reactions ?

Choose from 6 pre-defined emotions which includes Like, Happy, Love, Angry, Wow, and Sad on every post.


Allows user to quickly share any story updates to all of their friends or followers. It'll also reference the original user of the post.


Empowering similar interest groups by collaborating over discussions, organizing events, and numerous other activities such has polls, rich media uploads, files sharing and much more.

Tasks Delegation

Delegate tasks among the group members to achieve the group's milestone even quicker.


Group admins can filter, approve or disapprove any pending members from joining the group.


Disseminate important information to your group members and notify everyone instantly.


Organize exclusive events for the members of the group and they can choose to accept or decline the invitation.


An avenue for members to discuss and share constructive ideas which can be used as opportunities to further enhance group activities.

Rich Media Uploads

Share amazing audio tracks, videos, or even photos only to the members of the group.

Files Sharing

Share files and collaborate within the group, giving access to group members to contribute their part.


Building A Community To Support and Encourage!


group facilitator

Our Mission

To encourage, strengthen and support the mental well being of our clients.

Our Vision

Improving the quality of life for our community.

Our Team

Overcomers Counseling is proud of our team of professional counselors!

Elizabeth Klearry, LSW

I have a passion for working with women...

, Colorado
View details
Margot Bean, LCSW

...fnding deeper meaning and healing

Colorado Springs, Colorado
View details
Joshua Goldberg, LPCC

I felt a calling toward the helping professions.

, Colorado
View details
Shannon Hamm, LPC

You are embarking on an important journey of growth and healing!

Colorado Springs, Colorado
View details
Mallory Heise, LPC, LAC

I will walk with you on your journey.

Colorado Springs, Colorado
View details
Lindsey Gallop, LPCC

I'm here with you during your healing journey

Aurora, Colorado
View details
Jennifer Wilson, LPCC, NCC

I am passionate about helping you live the life you want!

, Colorado
View details
Bonna Machlan, Ph.D., LPC, CAS

It is a privilege to serve my clients!

Colorado Springs, Colorado
View details
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