Theater Production Addresses Suicide Prevention in Pueblo Colorado 2022


Pueblo County HS received an award from Mental Health America of Pueblo.

This award is called the Youth Champion Mental Health Award.

They gave this award because the high school produced a touring theater project called "No One Hear Unless You Scream."

This theatrical production focuses on suicide prevention.

Suicide is a problem that does not discriminate. It does not care about your age, your race, your gender, or your socio-economic status. If you are struggling, you are not alone. 

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Kelsey Maestas, LPCC

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The Important of Theater in Raising Awareness of Mental Health Issues

The theater has a unique ability to bring stories to life in a way that can reach people on an emotional level.

A good story told well can make people laugh, cry, and think.

It can also help people see things from a different perspective.

When it comes to mental health, theater can help people understand what others are going through and why it matters.

Mental health is often seen as a private issue, something that should be kept within the family or behind closed doors.

However, this only serves to perpetuate the stigma surrounding mental illness. When mental health is open and discussed openly, it helps others see that they are not alone.

It also helps dispel myths and stereotypes about mental illness.

Theater can also help people learn more about available resources and how to get help if they need it.

Too often, people suffering from mental illness do not seek help because they do not know where to turn or what resources are available to them. theater can provide a starting point for these conversations and help connect people with the resources they need.   

Warning Signs of Suicide 

The first step in prevention is knowing the warning signs of suicide. If you see any of these signs in yourself or someone you know, get help immediately:

  • talking about how they want to die or harm themselves
  • expressing hopeless feelings
  • talking about being a burden to others
  • increased amounts of alcohol or abusing drugs
  • withdrawing from friends and activities
  • mood swings that are abnormal
  • saying goodbye to friends and family
  • reckless behavior 

Suicide Prevention Services are an Important Part of Any Community

Suicide prevention services help reduce the stigma around mental illness.

Mental illness is often seen as a taboo topic. This leads many people to suffer in silence because they are afraid to reach out for help.

Suicide prevention services provide a space for open dialogue about mental health. This allows people to feel more comfortable talking about their struggles and seeking help when they need it.

Suicide prevention services provide support for those who are struggling.

When someone is struggling with suicidal thoughts, they often feel isolated and alone.

Suicide prevention services provide a support system for those who need it. This can make all the difference for someone who is considering suicide.

Having someone to talk to can help them see that there is hope and that their situation is not hopeless.

Suicide prevention services can save lives.

Suicide prevention services offer resources that can help someone in a crisis situation.

These resources can include things like a list of emergency contacts or a list of local mental health professionals.

Having these resources available can make all the difference for someone considering suicide. It can give them the help they need before it's too late. 

What You Can Do To Help Prevent Suicide 

If you are worried about someone, the best thing you can do is talk to him or her about it.

You might be worried that you will say the wrong thing but it's important to remember that just showing that you care can make a big difference.

Other things you can do to help prevent suicide include:

  • educating yourself and others about mental health and suicide prevention
  • staying connected with friends and loved ones
  • creating a support network for yourself and others who might be struggling
  • promoting social connectedness in your community 

Overcomers Counseling is Here to Help in Pueblo Colorado

If you need someone to talk to, please reach out to Overcomers Counseling. We are here to help.

Overcomers Counseling can help you with your mental health issues through individual, group, and family counseling. We also offer Christian counseling services.

Our counselors are licensed and experienced professionals who can help you work through your issues in a safe and confidential environment. 


How much does therapy cost?

Costs for therapy vary depending on the therapist's fees, the length and frequency of sessions, and whether you use insurance. Some therapists offer a sliding scale fee based on income.

What is the difference between a psychiatrist and a therapist?

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. A therapist is a mental health professional who provides counseling and psychotherapy.

What are the different types of therapy?

There are many different types of therapy, but some of the most common include cognitive-behavioral therapy, Solution-focused brief therapy, and client-centered therapy.

What should I look for in a therapist?

When looking for a therapist, it is important to find someone who you feel comfortable with and who has experience treating the specific issue that you are dealing with. 


Suicide is a problem that can affect us all. If you need to talk to someone immediately, the national crisis suicide number is 988.

If we want to make a difference, we need to work together to prevent suicide in our community.

By educating ourselves on the warning signs and staying connected with our loved ones, we can make Pueblo a safer place for everyone.

Congratulations to Pueblo County High School on their award. You are doing important work to help those with mental health issues

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