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Tucked away in Colorado's vibrant heart, Pueblo shines as a ray of hope for those yearning to break free from the chains of drug and alcohol addiction, offering a fresh start and a path to renewal.

With its serene landscapes and a community deeply committed to healing, Pueblo provides a wide range of rehabilitation and detoxification facilities, all geared towards assisting every individual on their path to recovery.

From your very first move towards a sober life to further strides in your wellness journey, Pueblo's warm-hearted and adept professionals are by your side, steering you past obstacles and cheering for every success that comes your way.

Addiction Therapists in Colorado

Andreea Felea, LPC

Andreea Felea, LPC

(719) 602-1342
Arias Gonzales, MS, LPC, NCC

Arias Gonzales, MS, LPC, NCC

(719) 345-2424
Whittney Romero, MA, LPCC

Whittney Romero, MA, LPCC

(719) 345-2424
Margot Bean, LCSW

Margot Bean, LCSW

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 345-2424
Emily Murphy, LPC

Emily Murphy, LPC

(719) 345-2424
Mackenzie Batson, LPCC

Mackenzie Batson, LPCC

(719) 345-2424
Abigail Corless, LPCC

Abigail Corless, LPCC

(719) 345-2424
Shannon Hamm, LPC, CCTP

Shannon Hamm, LPC, CCTP

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 452-4374
Susan Taylor, LPCC

Susan Taylor, LPCC

(719) 345-2424
Melody Reynalds, LPC

Melody Reynalds, LPC

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 345-2424

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab & Detox Centers

The Recovery Village

The Recovery Village at Pueblo, Colorado, is a reputable facility offering comprehensive treatment services for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. 

This center stands out for its personalized approach to recovery, ensuring that each patient receives care to their specific needs.

Comprehensive Treatment Options

  • Detox Services - Safe and medically supervised detoxification from drugs and alcohol.

  • Residential Treatment - For those who benefit from a structured and immersive therapeutic environment.

  • Outpatient Programs - Flexible treatment schedules that allow patients to maintain work and family commitments.

  • Aftercare Planning - Support for reintegration into daily life with strategies to sustain recovery.

Holistic and Traditional Therapies

The Recovery Village combines traditional therapy methods like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) with holistic approaches, including yoga and meditation, to address both the physical and emotional aspects of addiction.

Serene Environment

Situated in Pueblo, Colorado, The Recovery Village offers a peaceful setting conducive to healing and reflection, away from the triggers and stresses of everyday life.

Commitment to Individualized Care

Acknowledging that every individual's path to recovery is unique, the center designs its treatment plans around the personal history, preferences, and goals of each patient.

Phone: (855) 403-6641

Website: The Recovery Village Pueblo 

Palmer Lake Recovery

Palmer Lake Recovery, situated near Pueblo, CO, is a renowned facility that specializes in treating individuals dealing with substance abuse and addiction.

This center is dedicated to providing a supportive environment where healing and transformation are central themes.

Variety of Treatment Programs

  • Detoxification Services - Medical supervision for a safe withdrawal process.

  • Residential Treatment - A live-in program offering intensive care and support.

  • Outpatient Services - Treatment options that allow patients to live at home while attending therapy sessions.

  • Aftercare Support - Strategies and resources to help maintain sobriety after leaving the program.

Multifaceted Therapeutic Approaches

Palmer Lake combines evidence-based practices such as cognitive-behavioral therapy with alternative treatments to address addiction's physical, emotional, and psychological facets.

Qualified Professionals

The staff includes experienced therapists, medical professionals, and counselors committed to providing empathetic and effective care.

Palmer Lake Recovery is focused on helping individuals overcome addiction and regain control of their lives through comprehensive care and sustained support. 

This facility stands out for its commitment to personalized treatment and its holistic approach to recovery, making it a solid choice for those seeking assistance in or near Pueblo, CO.

Website: Palmer Lake Recovery

Phone: (844) 942-4514 

Sandstone Care

Sandstone Care in Pueblo, CO, offers a refreshing and innovative approach to recovery for teens and young adults facing substance abuse and mental health challenges.

This facility stands out for several reasons that make it a unique option for those seeking help. Here's a look at the distinct qualities of Sandstone Care:

Specialized Programs for Youth

One of the most notable aspects of Sandstone Care is its focus on younger individuals.

By tailoring programs specifically for teens and young adults, the facility ensures that the treatment is relevant and effective for this age group, addressing the unique challenges they face.

Integrated Mental Health Support

Understanding the close link between substance use and mental health issues, Sandstone Care places a strong emphasis on treating co-occurring disorders.

This holistic view ensures that both aspects are addressed together, providing a more comprehensive path to recovery.

Family Involvement

Recognizing the vital role of family in the recovery process, Sandstone Care encourages and facilitates family participation throughout treatment.

This approach helps to heal relationships and builds a strong support network for the individual in recovery.

Educational and Vocational Support

Beyond just focusing on recovery from substance use, Sandstone Care also provides educational and vocational support to help young people get back on track with their life goals.

This includes assistance with continuing education, finding employment, and developing life skills.

Modern Therapeutic Techniques

Employing a mix of traditional therapy methods alongside newer, evidence-based techniques such as mindfulness and experiential therapy, Sandstone Care offers a well-rounded and engaging treatment experience tailored to resonate with younger individuals.

Website: Sandstone Care

Phone 24/7: (888) 850-1890

Supporting Someone With Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Here are some helpful pieces of advice for those looking to support a loved one struggling with addiction:

Educate Yourself

Learn as much as you can about addiction. Understanding the complexities of addiction helps you empathize with their struggle and provides insight into the nature of recovery.

Practice Active Listening

Offer an open ear without judgment. Sometimes, the person just needs someone to listen and validate their feelings. Active listening fosters trust and openness.

Encourage Treatment

While you cannot force someone to seek help, you can encourage them by discussing the benefits of treatment.

Offer to help them research treatment options or accompany them to appointments.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Determine what behaviors you will not tolerate and communicate these boundaries clearly.

Boundaries protect both you and the person struggling with addiction from developing unhealthy dependencies.

Take Care of Yourself

Supporting someone with an addiction can be emotionally taxing. Ensure you're looking after your own mental and physical health, and consider joining a support group for friends and family of those with addiction.

Avoid Enabling Behaviors

Understand the difference between supporting and enabling. Enabling behaviors shield the person from the consequences of their actions, potentially delaying recovery.

Celebrate Progress

Acknowledge and celebrate every step forward, no matter how small. Positive reinforcement can boost morale and encourage continued efforts to recover.

Be Patient

Recovery is a long process with potential setbacks. Patience shows your unwavering support and belief in their ability to overcome addiction.

Stay Hopeful

Maintain a hopeful outlook on their recovery journey. Your optimism can inspire hope in them, even during challenging times. 

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As the article on Pueblo, Colorado's drug and alcohol rehab and detox centers comes to a close, it's clear that this vibrant community offers hope for those seeking to break free from the chains of addiction.

With a rich selection of programs and dedicated professionals ready to support each individual's journey, Pueblo stands as a testament to the power of recovery and renewal.

For anyone looking towards a brighter, substance-free future, this city provides the resources and encouragement needed to move forward.

Let Pueblo be your starting point towards a life reimagined, where every challenge faced is an opportunity for growth and success. 

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