Linda and Bob Belcher: Parenting with a Side of Fries

Linda and Bob Belcher: Parenting with a Side of Fries

A lot of parents on various television shows have been idealized as THE parents, but the winners of embracing unique family values, patience for childhood antics, AND all the while balancing a marriage within a family business are the Belchers!

So, the question is, how DO they do it?

Bob and Linda Belcher invite us into the realness of marital squabbles, while also dousing the viewer with compassion and understanding of two partners within a marriage, especially one with the added layers of three children with very unique personalities, and the instabilities of the family restaurant business.

They do not force your typical masquerade of the Norman Rockwell nuclear family but instead offer a refreshing look at what a lot of us go through as married couples, the good AND the bad, and especially married couples with children.


Lessons from a Wife and Mother: Linda Belcher

Let's loosen up!

If you have ever seen the show Bob's Burgers, you know Linda is the yin to Bob's yang. Bob tends to experience stress frequently whether it be his children's antics or the dreaded health inspector's numerous attempts to shut his restaurant down.

Linda offers him this mellow, go-with-the-flow attitude that helps Bob feel more balanced, less stressed, and really focus on the good things in life, a lesson we could all learn from.

tina bean


It's Okay to Be Weird!

Gene Belcher is the obvious protagonist of 'weirdness' within the show, whether it be his piano keyboard that harmonizes the sounds of flatulence, or his ability to make subtle, witty quips of humor with little to no relevance for the particular scene, that is somehow equal parts hilarious as it is a head-scratcher.

Linda and Bob show is that they embrace his 'weirdness' and even emulate some of their own.

The important lesson they provide us is that life is too short to be judgmental and that we should all be accepting of our own weirdnesses as unique individuals.

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Encourage Confidence in your Children

If there is one character in the show we immediately associate confidence with, it's Tina.

There is one particular episode referenced by the graphic below, Linda Belcher comes into Tina's room and asks her to get ready for school.

Tina responds with, " More like school needs to get ready for me." Linda then chuckles and retorts with, "Love it. Love the confidence."

As parents, a lot of the time it can be so easy to slip into the mentality of focusing on the negatives. Negatives about ourselves, our lives, our children's behaviors, etc.

Linda and Bob Belcher do a fantastic job of not only role modeling and supporting confidence within themselves, but to their children as well, as seen here with Tina.


Unconditional, Real Love.

As stated previously, Linda and Bob Belcher provide us with a realistic portrayal of marriage unlike a majority of TV couples.

One aspect, in particular, is that their marriage is seemingly 'normal' and maybe even so normal that it can be boring at times.

However, it's a good kind of normal and boring. It is full of unconditional love, healthy communication, and support of one another with whatever life throws at them.

One of the major themes of the show is that they both dream of a life with more financial stability and wealth, however, continue to show each other that they would not have it any other way and continue to enjoy each other within the 'normal' landscape of their middle-class lives.

The grass may seem greener on the other side, but it's the planters of the seeds that matter the most.


Bob and Linda Belcher Nailing Parenting and Marriage

With most televised series whose premise includes a typical American family, there tends to be harmful stereotypes and unrealistic portrayals that can negatively influence us and our children.

One example is the trope of the nagging, lazy wife.

Another is the miserable husband who dreams of supermodels and life away from his children.

What Bob's Burgers truly accomplishes is a realistic insight into a healthy marriage and a truly happy family, without the facade, and one we can all actually relate to.

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April 17th, 2024

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