How to Soothe a Super Upset Child

How To Soothe A Super Upset Child

Children, just as us adults, get upset from time to time. It could be a temper tantrum over something silly, or it could be something else entirely that is bothering them emotionally. 

But we can't stress the benefits of taking them outside enough.

Especially when they are having a rough go of it. 

If you are looking how to soothe a super upset child - we are sharing our tips on the many ways that going outside can help to calm them down. 

We break down what helps them and why it helps them, so you can understand the benefits of taking them outside on a regular basis!

Fresh Air

When children get upset, just like when adults do, we tend to have tunnel vision, where we just focus on the anger that we have inside of us. 

Their room may feel like a prison to them, and they may lash out more if you send them there. 

Try asking them if they want to go outside for a little bit to try and calm down instead. 

This way, when they get outside, they will be able to take nice deep breaths of fresh natural air. 

There truly is nothing better. 

Try teaching them a few deep breathing exercises, and do them together outdoors. 

You can remind them that they can do these exercises anywhere. 

By being outside, they will also feel less restricted and are more apt to open up to parents or caregivers about what is bothering them.

Let Them Get The Energy Out

If your child is particularly upset and they have pent-up emotions, a great way for them to release some of those emotions is to get them outdoors. 

Let them run around, let them play, let them jump rope, and hop on the trampoline. 

Any outdoor activity will not only help them take their mind off of whatever had them upset but also give them time to take all that energy and kind of wind it down in a way. 

If you are up to it, maybe even engage with them outdoors, initiate a game of tag, or have your child suggest something for the both of you to do. 

Getting them moving is one of the best things that you can do with them.

Sunshine Helps Create Happiness

The pineal gland is located in the center of the brain. It helps to receive information about the light and dark schedule around you. 

It just also so happens that a healthy amount of sunshine actually stimulates the pineal gland, and can help to make our immune systems strong, and help us to be happier, as it helps to improve mood. 

Sunshine in general just helps to create happiness for us, and our children as well. 

Plus, the pineal gland helps produce melatonin, which is a hormone that helps regulate the circadian rhythm in your body regulate sleep. 

So, getting them outside and exposing them to the sunlight is a wonderful way to help them calm down, feel happier, and sleep better at night.

Playing Helps Them Become More Creative

When children are outside, away from all of their toys and screens with buttons and gadgets, they are able to use their imagination outside when they are playing. 

It helps them to explore nature in a new way. 

For example, the sandbox could be a dry, dry desert to them. 

They can come up with anything they like and have an unstructured area to play it out. 

Being outside stimulates their creativity and imagination and opens up a whole new world for them.

It Helps Their Emotional/Social Growth

Being outside, especially when they are playing with other children, can help your child learn valuable life skills like learning how to share. 

Plus, they are learning how to be friends with other children, so their social skillset grows, too. 

They will also learn how to work together with others, which is something that they will need to take with them onto their adult life.


Another wonderful benefit of children being outside is that they have the access to nature, and being able to explore beyond the confines of their playroom. 

They can look around them and find so many things to learn about. 

You could even give them the gift of nature by planting a garden together. 

This can also give them a sense of responsibility, too. 

Watering the plants can be a big responsibility if they want their garden to grow big and tall!

In addition to this kind of play outdoors, you could also encourage your child to do other activities in nature with you. 

Walking together can be a great way to reduce stress and put your focus elsewhere. 

Plus, along the way, you and your child can discover plants, insects, and animals they may not have seen before. 

It Improves Sensory Skills 

When you think about the little ones, toddlers in particular, they are still learning all about the things around them. 

This includes using their five senses. 

When they are outside, they can experience a bunch of different kind of senses. 

From a fragrant flowerbed to running their fingers through the mud, there is so much outside that they can see, touch, smell, hear, and if you have a garden - taste! 

There is so much outside to see and to do. 

They are, again, able to put their minds elsewhere and calm themselves down, especially through things like touch and smell.

Lavender is a great stress buster, which makes it ideal for planting in your yard or in a planter.  


Fresh air and playing in the great old outdoors is a wonderful way to reduce stress in your child.

Letting them play outside on a regular basis can help their creativity, social skills, how to regulate their emotions, lessen their anxiety, and more. 

Not only will being outside help your child, but it can also help you, as well. 

So, you and your children can bust that stress together!

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July 24th, 2024

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