Narcissist Book Recommendations

Narcissist Book Recommendations

If you're looking for narcissist book recommendations, then you're making a very smart choice.

One of the most important steps to recovering from the abuse of a narcissist is understanding them.

This means understanding why they do what they do and how they do it.

This can be difficult for people who aren't narcissists. That's because narcissists think completely differently than the rest of us. They don't experience the same emotions as people who are not narcissists.

This is also because being around a narcissist often changes us. If we were raised by narcissists, then that carries weight. If you were in a romantic relationship with a narcissist then that has its own effects.

Narcissists also engage in patterns, such as love bombing, projection, gaslighting, cheating, delusions, outbursts, manipulation, controlling, and an obsession with themselves and their status.

Reading narcissist books can help you recognize those patterns which is a great first step to protecting yourself from these abusive behaviors. 

Reading narcissist books is like putting on your armor against them. 

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Narcissist Book: Emotional Vampires - Dealing with the People Who Drain You

Buffy isn't the only one who fights vampires. Everyone who knows a narcissist has to do it too.

This narcissist book uses the vampire metaphor to describe how toxic people, such as narcissists, often present as sucking the life out of the people around them.

This narcissist book was written by clinical psychologist Albert J. Bernstein. He describes the ways in which a narcissist feeds off people to grow their own delusions of grandeur.

As Dr. Bernstein describes it, "Narcissism means never having to say you're sorry."

They hold others to impossibly high expectations and actively sabotage those around them in order to make themselves seem more successful. 

Narcissist Book: How to Handle a Narcissist 

Theresa Jackson was inspired to write How to Handle a Narcissist: Understanding and Dealing with a Range of Narcissistic Personalities because she felt like the present information about narcissism wasn't adequate.

In this narcissist book, Jackson walks readers through the steps that they can take to heal from the damage down to them by a narcissist. She acknowledges that the traditional approach of cutting ties with the narcissist isn't possible for everyone.

Instead, she discusses ways of handling and dealing with a narcissist that you can't cut ties with. She discusses both the narcissistic scale and structure as well as their patterns.

The book also includes a workbook to help you understand the information and develop your own strategy for handling the narcissist in your life.

Narcissist Book: Trapped in the Mirror

This classic narcissist book was written in 1995 by Elan Golomb. It was one of the first narcissist books to describe the traumatic effects of narcissistic parents on their children.

Dr. Golumb describes the physical tolls, such as overeating, drug and alcohol abuse, and eating disorders. He describes the self-destructive behaviors of children of narcissists, such as lack of ambition or self-sabotaging.

This narcissist book also covers the lack of self-worth that narcissist parents develop in their children. And, the way that they tend to replay these patterns in their adult relationships.

Narcissist Book: Will I Ever Be Good Enough? Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers

This narcissist book is aimed at women whose mothers were narcissists. It is the first book that deals specifically with the emotional trauma and feelings that daughters of narcissistic moms experience.

It was written by Dr. Karyl McBride who is a therapist. She also offers virtual workshops through her website.

In the book, Dr. McBride describes in detail the specific coping mechanisms that are most common in daughters of narcissistic mothers, including avoiding emotions and pain, believing that love is conditional, feeling unworthy, paralyzing self-doubt, and unsatisfying intimate relationships.

Dr. McBride also includes a step-by-step program in the book for recovery.

Narcissist Book: Disarming the Narcissist 

This narcissist book is also considered a self-help classic. Not only does it describe in detail the traits of a narcissist, but it also provides a communication guide for dealing with them.

It is often suggested that the only approach to dealing with a narcissist is to go "no contact." This narcissist book acknowledges that it isn't always possible to do that.

Instead, readers are guided through how to develop communication skills that work with narcissists. It's a toolbook for both communicating and coping with the narcissist that you cant get out of your life.

It has been updated continuously via reader feedback and is now in its third edition. This updated version has added information about divorcing a narcissist, the effects of narcissistic parents on their children, hypersexuality, shame, and the tendency of narcissists to cheat on their partners.


Learning more about narcissists can be empowering. Reading narcissist books can be a great first step to understanding them, healing from them, and developing a non-toxic relationship with them.

Any of these narcissist books are a great way to start the healing process.

However, the effects of narcissism can be very long-lasting. Getting a counselor is a great next step.

There are links to all of the books mentioned in this article in the resource section below.


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