How Do I Find The Right Therapist?

How Do I Find The Right Therapist? How Do I Find The Right Therapist?

Finding the "right" therapists can sometimes be more difficult than it should be.  

"Will they be emphatic with my problem?"

"Will they be judgment-free?"

"Can I trust them with my story?"


Research is clear that the #1 determining factor in whether or not a client gets better from therapy is based on how strong their relationship is with their therapist.

by Dr. Colleen Cira

These are some of the questions we may ask ourselves when seeking a therapist and they are all valid.  

Most therapist will have the ethics to provide a safe, judgment-free space where you can feel free to share, however, we cannot speak about all therapists in the field.  

Below are some helpful tips to ask a therapist or practice before booking an appointment with them. 

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5 Tips To Finding The Right Therapist

#1 - Compassion From The Get-Go 

Each and every interaction with a practice will give you some good insight into the people and the environment that is fostered within the practice and with the therapist.  From the moment you make the first call to book a session to the followup calls, billing questions, scheduling changes, and so on.  Compassion and empathy are qualities that speak volumes with the right practice and therapists.

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#2 - Specialties That Match The Issue?  

It can be difficult to find the right therapist that specializes with the issue you are facing, especially if can't really pinpoint the issue.  Most therapist will refer you to another if they feel you would be a better fit.  The is not a negative thing against the therapist or you (the client) this is a positive.  Not every person has the expertise to specialize in everything but what makes a good practice/therapist is knowing their limitations and sharing those with you.  So, feel free to ask a lot of questions upfront with your therapist to ensure they would be a good fit for you.  Get to know what they specialize in and why they specialize in a certain area.


#3 - Personalities & Profile  

A thorough and detailed biography and profile picture of the therapist will give some good insights into their personality.  Some personalities may "rub you the wrong way" while others are "speaking your language."  It is always a great idea to thoroughly read the clinicians bio and listen to your intuition.


#4 - Atmosphere    

Don't you love it when you walk into a house or restaurant and you immediately feel comfortable?  That is what a great therapist's office and practice should make you feel.  We all have different tastes and styles but it's a universal truth that we all like comfort.  So, take a look at the therapist's office from Google Business photos or from their website and see if they can accurately display what you might be walking into.    


#5 - Friends/Family and Reviews

90% of consumers will look at the reviews to help them in determining their decision to purchase or not.  This is the world in which we live and a therapist is no different.  Granted not all reviews are accurate and in no way represent the therapist or the practice as a whole.  It's always a good idea to read through a couple (legit ones...we all know the difference) and glean some insight on others experience.   Also, and similar, turn to your friends and family for their experience with any therapist.  Word of mouth is still and will always be powerful marketing for any business. 

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Overcomers Counseling on Aug 16th, 2019

I agree. A good relationship with your therapist makes a world of difference. Great article and good tips!

I agree. A good relationship with your therapist makes a world of difference. Great article and good tips!
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December 7th, 2022