How to Safely Deal With Anger

Are you wondering how to deal with anger? This involves anger management. It cuts down both your emotions and physiological arousal caused by anger. One may learn to control how they react t...

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5 Tips to Improve Communication With Teens

The teenage years constitute a period of growth and independence where teens begin to pull away from parents and make decisions on issues with real consequences, making concerned parents desire tips t...

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How to Stop Hoarding in Your Daily Life

Were you wondering how to stop hoarding?  The important thing is to get help soon. There are professionals, as well as self-help resources. You can do plenty of research, however, doing...

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All About Setting Boundaries With Others

How do you go about setting boundaries with others? 

The first way to do this is to listen to what our physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts tell us. 

Then, one can use "I feel" statements. 

Also, be sure to acknowledge others' needs. 

Keep reading to see these tips, learn more about types of boundaries, and more!
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3 Pillars to Cure Chronic Stress

Everyone experiences stress in their lives, but not everyone is able to come out of stress, so what are the 3 pillars to Cure Chronic Stress?  Social Connection, Delight, and Gratitude.  Sim...

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Poetry as Therapy

Poetry evokes a number of different thoughts, feelings, and images but is rarely associated with therapy despite being an incredible tool for mental health- which begs the question, how can ...

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Different Types of Counselors in Colorado Springs

When it comes to looking after our mental health, we want to do all that we can in order to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.  Not only for ourselves, but for those around us, too....

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Counselor Colorado Springs

Life is a journey, one that is filled with immeasurable moments of joy, love, learning, and more.  But sometimes, life can also get stressful for a variety of reasons.  It could be stress ab...

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How Do I Find The Right Therapist?

Finding the "right" therapists can sometimes be more difficult than it should be.   "Will they be emphatic with my problem?" "Will they be judgment-free?" "Can I trust them with my stor...

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Top 5 TED Talks About Mental Illness

TED talks are informative and professional presentations on a variety of topics.  Below is a list of videos by a variety of presenters that talk about Mental Health.  These talks deal with d...

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