5 Online Life Coaching Courses to Help Anxiety

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We all know how difficult it can be to manage anxiety.

Fortunately, there are many online life coaching courses out there to help you get a better understanding of your feelings and learn the tools needed to manage your anxiety.

You can learn at your own pace.

Here are 5 effective life coaching courses that can help you do just that.

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Winnie Siwa, LPCC

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Abigail Corless, LPCC

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Carrie Nelson, MS, LPCC

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1) Mindfulness Training for Anxiety

This course will teach you coping skills and techniques like mindfulness and deep breathing that can help reduce your stress levels and make you more aware of thoughts associated with an anxious state.

You'll also have access to guided visualizations and journaling activities designed specifically for anxiety management.

It's important to work on mindfulness for anxiety because:

  • Mindfulness helps us slow down and take a step back from our thoughts, so we can focus on the present moment.
  • It can help us become aware of patterns that make us anxious.
  • We can learn to observe and accept our feelings without judgment.

2) Overcome Anxiety in 7 Simple Steps

This course offers practical ways to start challenging thought patterns associated with anxiety, as well as tips on how to increase self-confidence and motivation.

It is important to work on your anxiety for the following reasons.

  • Decrease the level of stress and worry in your life
  • Gain better control over anxious thoughts and behaviors
  • Be able to better manage triggers that lead to anxiety
  • Develop healthier coping skills for when anxieties arise
  • Become more aware of patterns associated with anxious states
  • Focus on the present moment, rather than dwelling on worries about the future
  • Accept feelings without judgment or criticism
  • Increase self Confidence and motivation

You can greatly enhance your life by learning how to challenge anxious thoughts and behaviors.

3) Aren't You Tired of Crying?

Crying is a normal part of processing emotions but too much crying can be a sign that something needs to shift internally.

It's important to learn how to process emotions for the following reasons:

  • Learning how to process emotions helps reduce stress and anxiety levels.
  • By understanding our emotions, we can become better at identifying triggers of anxious states.
  • Understanding our feelings allows us to accept them without judgment or criticism.
  • We can learn healthier coping skills for when anxieties arise in the future.
  • It increases self Confidence and motivation by challenging anxious thoughts and behavior patterns.
  • Becoming more aware of patterns associated with an anxious state enables us to better manage triggers that lead to anxiety.
  • Processing emotions gives us a sense of control over our lives by helping focus on the present moment rather than dwelling on worries about the future.

This course will equip you with the skills needed to identify underlying issues that can trigger intense emotional reactions, as well as strategies on how to cope with those reactions should they arise again in the future.

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4) Discovery of a Goddess

This course encourages positive self-image by exploring spiritual growth practices like meditation and journaling.

After the lecture, you will gain more conscious awareness of the things (such as people, places, objects, etc.) that you may be holding onto and why it can be so hard to let go.

It equips individuals with the tools needed for personal transformation in order to improve overall well-being.

5) Workplace Anxiety and Stress

Do you let workplace issues impact your mental health?

Then this course is perfect for you!

It's important to learn how to navigate the workplace by managing your anxiety and stress because:

  • Improves overall productivity and efficiency
  • Reduces the likelihood of burnout or fatigue
  • Helps reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, or loneliness in a work environment
  • Increases resilience to stressful situations in the workplace
  • Allows for better problem-solving skills when faced with difficult tasks
  • Enhances focus and reduces distractions during periods of intense stress
  • Improves communication between co-workers by reducing tension or misunderstandings due to stress.
  • Develops an understanding of how emotions can affect our physical health and performance at work.
  • Promotes positive relationships within the team by improving trust and collaboration among team members.

This course provides strategies aimed at reducing work-related stressors while boosting productivity in the workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions About Life Coaching Courses from Overcome With Us

Are you considering taking one of the life coaching courses offered by Overcome With Us? 

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our life coaching courses.

What is a life coaching course?

A life coaching course is an online program that helps individuals achieve their personal and professional goals through structured guidance and advice. It offers tools and strategies to help you identify areas of improvement, set clear objectives, and build a personalized plan for success.

What does a typical life coaching course look like?

A typical course consists of modules or lessons that cover topics such as goal setting, decision-making skills, problem-solving techniques, communication strategies, stress management techniques, mindfulness practices, etc. Each module will also offer assignments or exercises designed to help you move closer to achieving your goals.

How long do I have access to the material?

Once purchased, you will be provided with access to the material indefinitely. This means that you can come back at any point in time to review or complete any modules or assignments that you may have missed out on initially.

Do I need prior experience in order to take a life coaching course?

No prior experience is required in order to take part in a life coaching course offered by Overcome With Us. All courses are designed for beginners or those looking for refresher courses that focus on different aspects of personal growth and development.


Each one of these online life coaching courses offers its own unique approach to reducing anxiety symptoms and promoting greater emotional awareness.

A combination of these five courses has helped many people gain insight into their own thought processes around managing anxious states so they can live fuller lives without fear or worry.

No matter what stage you're currently at on your mental health journey, these courses are worth checking out!

If you're looking for professional guidance along your journey, Overcome With Us has experienced coaches who specialize in helping those struggling with anxiety or other mental health issues achieve their goals within their own timeframe.

Visit our life coaching page now if you need someone who can guide and support you along the way!

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July 14th, 2024

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