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Modern technology has brought about the convenience of mental health at your fingertips.  Imagine online therapy from the convenience of your home, during your work break or on the weekend.  

Does that sound appealing? 

Online therapy has made a significant impact on the world we live in and at Overcomers Counseling, our highly trained and certified counselors are available to be of assistance and support in a number of mental health issues you might be facing.  If you have a smartphone or computer, then you can get help (via online therapy) and get it today.  Quickly and easily book an appointment online or call 719-345-2424 and set up a time to speak to a licensed therapist over video.  

Available Telehealth Counselors in Colorado

Meghan Purcell, LPCC

You are not alone. I'm here with you during your healing journey!

Pueblo, Colorado

(719) 696-3439

Noah Suess, MA, LPCC

I believe mental health is simple, but that doesn't mean it's easy.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

(719) 481-3518

Rachel Hazelwonder, LPCC

My goal is the help clients on their journey.

, Colorado

(719) 345-2424

Is Online Therapy Effective? 

Much like traditional therapy, it really all comes down to the client's determination and effort to take support from the therapist and apply it to their lives.  CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) can be applied and implemented into a session whether in person or over video.  Seeking help and changing one's life is ultimately up to the end-user.  There's no one that can do it for us.  However, there are some issues that would be more productive if traditional face-to-face therapy was used.  

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