Ways to Cope With the Fatigue That Comes With Grief

Ways to Cope With the Fatigue That Comes With Grief

Handling grief is stressful whether it is a result of loss or a difficult situation.

Most times, the result is fatigue.

You can experience fatigue to the point where simple tasks such as getting out of bed or preparing a meal become very difficult.

Fatigue can also make it difficult for you to process all the emotions you are feeling or connect with people around you.

The major way to cope with the fatigue that comes with grief is self-care.

You need to prioritize your physical and emotional health during this period.

It would help you to relieve the emotional pressure and handle the pain better.

You can practice self-care by eating healthy meals.

Eating well would give you energy so that you can handle the grief better.

Exercise is another great way to take care of yourself.

It helps you to relax and cope with the fatigue that comes with grief.

In cases where people provide grief support, accept them.

This ensures that you are not exhausted or tired.

You also have to be patient with yourself during this period.

Try not to exert your energy on what you are not doing right or a comment someone made.

Tensions would be high at this time, so try to protect your energy and space.

During this period, also connect with family and friends.

They can help with things that are physically draining for you at this time.

Read on to gain insights on how to cope with the fatigue that comes with grief:

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Eat Healthy Meals 

Grief takes a toll on one's physical and emotional health.

Most times, one is left feeling fatigued and stressed.

That is why you need that you feed yourself healthy meals while you are grieving.

Food is a great source of energy for the body.

You need to eat well so that you are nourished and more equipped to handle grief better.

Healthy meals also help you boost your immune system so that you are not susceptible to illnesses.

You need to also drink a lot of water during this time.

You may be crying a lot and might become dehydrated very easily.

You can also find other healthy liquids as an alternative to water to keep yourself hydrated.

This would help you to cope well with the fatigue that comes with grief.


Exercise is a good way to cope with fatigue.

It keeps you alert and refreshed.

Since grief can put you in a perpetual state of mood swings or depression.

Getting yourself involved in different types of exercise would help you stay fit and healthy.

They could be in the form of a short walk or jog, quick stretches, or home workout activities.

You could also join a group or a gym so that you can be accountable.

Exercise has immense benefits for your body. It helps you to relax and sleep better.

Ensure that you do not exert yourself too much when exercising.

This would result in the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve.

Since you are trying to cope with fatigue, do not engage yourself in too many activities.

Get plenty of rest when your body needs it.

It would help you to be able to carry out your daily activities.

Accept Help

Grieving a loss can be a very lonely road.

The confusion on what to do and how to cope with it can make you do unpredictable things.

You may feel the need to get your hands on a lot of things, to keep your mind occupied.

And so that you can distract yourself from the pain and sadness that comes with grief.

For instance, you might go into a cleaning frenzy or throw yourself into planning for the funeral or catering for the people around.

You might even focus on ensuring that your family members are okay while neglecting your own needs.

This can lead to exhaustion and fatigue.

In this case, you have to accept the help and support people offer you.

This is the time when other people's help can be useful to you the most.

Do not shy away from people's help.

You can also seek external help or a professional's help.

The right kind of help and support would help you to cope with the fatigue that comes with grief.

Be Patient With Yourself 

Grief alters the course of your life in ways you can never imagine.

You would experience feelings that you have never experienced.

And it may take a while before you feel like yourself.

Accept that this change can cause you to experience fatigue.

Hence, you need to be patient with yourself and your feelings at this time.

You can channel these feelings through a creative and healthy outlet.

You can engage in activities such as art, painting, playing a musical instrument, and dancing.

You can also practice journaling, yoga, and meditation as forms of relaxation.

These activities help you to feel your emotions and actively resolve them rather than ignoring them.

However, do not put pressure on yourself by feeling like you have a time limit.

This would keep you anxious and fatigued.

Work through your feelings at your own pace, take the time you need and you are able to cope with grief better.

Stay Connected With Family and Friends 

The absence of family and friends at this time can make grieving lonely and depressing.

When you do not have the necessary support and you are doing it all alone, you might experience fatigue.

Your close family and friends are your biggest support system during this period.

You need to stay connected with them.

You can have game nights, and carry out activities together as a family.

In cases where you feel you would do better without their physical presence, you can keep in touch with them regularly through social media, video calls, emails, and texting.

As much as possible, do not neglect them.

Maintain a circle of trusted friends who would also be available whenever you need them, and ensure you have the right support during this period.

This would help you to cope with the fatigue that comes with grief.


Grieving has negative effects on your physical, emotional, and mental health which causes fatigue.

You can cope with the fatigue that comes with grief by eating healthy, exercising, accepting grief support, being patient with yourself and others, and connecting with family and friends. 


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