5 Ways Yoga Can Help With Grief

5 Ways Yoga Can Help With Grief

Grief has been a part of the lives of people for many years.

There have many approaches to consider to help people process grief.

Discovering yoga can help with grief is one of the revelations of exploring new methods to help people grieve and receive grief therapy.

Yoga is concerned with the spiritual and physical well-being of a person.

Rather than focusing on just the physical, yoga tries to help people find their inner peace.

Being able to find peace through yoga can help with grief healing.

Grief does not only affect only the emotional well-being of people.

It can also impact the physical health of a person.

Yoga can help with grief by improving the physical health of a grieving person.

One of the ways yoga can help with grief is by managing your emotions.

Yoga teaches excellent emotional management.

You will be less likely to be dominated by your emotions with yoga.

You can find out how yoga can help with grief below:

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Sarah Webster, SWC

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It Helps to Cope With Emotions 

When processing grief, most people will experience some forms of emotional imbalances.

The imbalances arising from grief can be one of the most challenging parts to deal with in grief.

For some people, as they begin to heal, they lose their emotional balance and slip into grief.

Yoga is an effective method to control body motions.

Since yoga is focused on emotional balance, a person practicing yoga will be more likely to manage any bodily fluctuations.

Yoga can introduce more techniques to handle each emotion you might feel during grief.

Each technique can work out and express how a person is feeling.

You can also use yoga to coordinate your emotions directly.

Through yoga, it can be easier to cope with emotions.

Rather than being dominated by feelings from grief, you can choose the emotions to dwell on.

It is essential to remember a crucial part of yoga is consistency.

It Improves Physical Health 

Although most people are familiar with the emotional effects of grief, they are unaware of the physical effects of grief.

The physical effects include stomach aches, heart palpitations, and could be physical exhaustion.

Grief can indirectly lead to a decline in some people's physical health.

This could be from a lack of motivation to eat healthily or exercise consistently or even perform basic tasks.

Yoga can help to boost a person's physical health.

Yoga can produce excellent workout opportunities.

It is worth noting that yoga is a broad discipline, and the physical benefits will be associated with the form of yoga practiced.

Nonetheless, yoga is linked with improvement in sleep quality, heart health, improved muscle strength & tone, and other physical benefits.

In addition to its adverse mental effects, grief can be directly related to poor physical health.

Yoga occupies a unique position of being able to exercise both the mind and the body.

Through this, yoga can help with grief processing.

It Helps to Find Peace

One of the ways that yoga can help with grief is to help find peace.

In times of grief, people can be in a cycle of negative emotions.

From depression to anger to guilt to anxiety and other similar emotions.

Yoga can help break the cycle and discover peace.

There are certain poses that are helpful in regulating certain emotions.

For instance, poses such as the ashtanga or kundalini can help to manage the feeling of anger.

Yoga places emphasis on letting go of negative feelings and focusing on inner peace.

Yoga teaches how to use your energy to manage your emotions.

With practice, you will be able to become in tune with all parts of your body.

This will include being able to figure out where body triggers are.

A person dealing with grief will likely have trauma and grief in parts of their body.

Yoga will bring a sense of fulfillment to find peace and manage grief.

It Helps to Connect With Loved Ones

Grief left unchecked can have detrimental effects on the lives of others.

The intense pain from the loss of a loved one can lead to other problems.

The strong urge to reconnect with loved ones can be the source of suffering.

One of the ways that yoga can help with grief is by finding a connection with the source of the grief.

The practice of yoga also includes the act of meditating.

Meditating can go beyond the physical body.

It can be easy to be dismissive about the benefits of yoga and meditation.

However, when you examine yoga and meditation closely, you are likely to find out they allow you to gain self-awareness.

You can access your deep thoughts about particular topics.

Meditation makes it possible to connect with loved ones emotionally and spiritually.

The important part is being able to mourn and say goodbye.

Try to reach within with grief and meditate on connecting with loved ones.

It Opens One Up to a Community 

Most people deal with feeling alone in times of grief.

One of the ways yoga can help with grief is to help people to find a sense of community.

This can help to address the feeling of loneliness in grief.

A big part of yoga is finding a place of belonging.

You become familiar with your body and mind to the point of it feels like a community.

This is usually within yourself but can also include sharing the same space as others.

The feeling of community is amplified when you practice with others.

You might even be able to share your experience with others experiencing some form of grief.

Finding support could help you heal faster rather than grieving alone.

Communicating with words might be difficult when grieving.

Fortunately, yoga can be a means of communicating without sharing directly.

You only have to focus on positively expressing your emotions and receiving a sense of community.


It is worth considering different sources to process grief.

Yoga is an excellent outlet to receive grief therapy.

Yoga can help with grief in ways such as improving physical health, finding peace, connecting with loved ones, finding community, and coping with emotions.


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