5 Tips for Veterans Dealing with Loss

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There are few professions more familiar with encountering losses.

Perhaps that is why it is often underrated how much grief support veterans need.

It is important to ensure there is sufficient support for veterans dealing with loss.

Self-care is a great way for veterans to deal with loss.

Neglect of your body is likely to have negative effects on your body and make grieving even more difficult.

You can grieve your loss in a healthy and conscious manner while taking care of your body.

Support groups are a very important place for veterans dealing with loss.

There are some experiences that only military people will be able to understand.

Being able to share with a group of people that understand you can help to grieve.

Memorials are already something familiar to veterans.

However, veterans can also create their memorial days for any loss they have suffered.

Creating a special remembrance day helps acknowledge a loss suffered in a respectful manner.

You can find tips for veterans dealing with loss.

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Self Care

Self-care is a vital part of the journey through grief.

Some people react to grief by neglecting their well-being.

Self-care is inclusive of anything that helps you to prioritize your own physical and mental well-being.

It might be difficult for you to start reflecting on yourself when you believe you should be focused on your loss.

However, consider that neglecting your health is also an indulgence of yourself.

Self-care can help you grieve in a respectful manner.

You can begin your self-care by ensuring you eat a healthy diet.

It is understandable to have lost appetite for food.

However, your body still needs the right nutrients for performance.

Regular exercising is also another way for you to take care of your body.

For veterans dealing with loss, there are many things to do as self-care, such as good sleeping habits, meditation, and other positive habits.

Each of these activities helps release hormones that can help the grieving process.

Taking good care of yourself is one essential way for veterans to deal with loss.

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Keeping Busy

The typical feeling most people experience after suffering a loss is grief.

Grief is a natural response to processing the loss of someone or something.

The process of grieving can be incredibly difficult for many people, including veterans.

A helpful tip for veterans dealing with loss is to find ways to keep themselves busy.

Finding something meaningful to fill up your time can be deeply rewarding.

This can also be an outlet for managing the losses suffered.

You could try to get a job doing something that you love.

You could also consider volunteering for an organization that you feel personally connected to.

Revisiting old hobbies is another idea of something you could find fulfilling.

An old hobby might help you gain a sense of familiarity.

They also help reflect on the past and the changes in time.

The most important thing about keeping busy is just to engage your mind and accept any losses.

Joining a Support Group

Overcoming some kinds of losses alone can be overwhelming.

There are times when you might need support from family, friends, and other people.

Being able to accept support is an important aspect for veterans dealing with loss.

One of the best support systems a veteran can receive is a support group.

A group of peers that can share meaningful experiences as you can be crucial to overcoming losses.

Although your friends and family might have the best intentions, there might be certain gaps in understanding.

A support group could also be an opportunity to make new friends.

There are a lot of support group options available.

You could choose a specific support group for those dealing with losses or find a more general support group for veterans.

Grief can thrive from difficult emotions like shame, guilt, fear, and other emotions.

Just listening to other people share some of these emotions can help you understand your feelings are normal.

It could be easier for you to share with other people.

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A loss usually brings a variety of emotions which are typically negative.

Most times, when we grieve, we need an outlet to express our emotions.

Journaling is a convenient and effective way to express your feelings when grieving.

A journal has multiple benefits in the grieving process.

For one, a journal is very versatile - you can use your journal at almost any moment you choose.

Even at times when you can not reach your friends, family, and other support groups.

Your journal allows you to focus on your feelings and introspections.

For instance, you open up your heart and mind to yourself and record your feelings.

Do all these without any concern about whether you are saying too much or inconveniencing another.

Veterans dealing with loss can manage their feelings by journaling.

The first attempts at journaling might be a little difficult.

However, you can try writing prompts to open yourself up.

For instance, you could try to write what you miss since having suffered your loss.

Memorial Day

A great way for veterans dealing with loss is to have an occasion to remember their loss.

You could pick a day that was significant to the ones you lost for their remembrance.

This could be an anniversary, a birthday, a religious festival, or any day that holds value for your loved one.

In most places, there are holidays or celebrations in honor of their lost ones.

This allows people to have time to both processes their grief and celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

Memorial day could also be a day for you to gather your friends, family, and other important people for support.

It is possible to have some people turn down your invitation.

It is understandable that each person will likely have their preferred way of grieving their loved one.

It is important to point out that having a memorial day for your loss could make the day difficult for you.

However, your overall grieving and healing might be a lot better.

A memorial day commemorating your loss might help you to grieve your loss healthily.


Coping with a loss is a challenging experience.

Veterans often deal with more loss and grief without getting the necessary grief support.

Veterans dealing with loss can consider practicing self-care, keeping busy, joining support groups, journaling, and having a memorial as tips on how to process their loss.


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