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The decision to seek therapy can be intimidating, overwhelming, and anxiety-inducing. But, once you’ve made the choice to seek help, you’ve taken a huge step forward in your journey towards healing. At Overcomers Counseling, we understand how difficult it can be to take that first leap, which is why we’ve made our intake process as simple and straightforward as possible. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through what to expect when filling out an intake packet at Overcomers Counseling and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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1. What is an Intake Packet?

An intake packet is a collection of forms designed to gather information about you and your mental health history. These forms typically include a client information form, a consent form, a release of information form, and an assessment questionnaire. At Overcomers Counseling, the intake packet is completed online through our secure portal.

2. Why Do I Need to Fill One Out?

Completing the intake packet is a necessary part of the therapy process. It provides your therapist with important information about your mental health history, current concerns, and any goals you may have for therapy. It also ensures that your therapist has the appropriate permissions to communicate with other healthcare providers, if necessary.

3. What Information Will I Need to Provide?

The intake packet will ask for basic information such as your name, address, phone number, and insurance information. It will also ask about your mental health history, including any previous diagnoses, medications, and counseling or therapy you have received in the past. Additionally, the packet will ask about your current concerns or reasons for seeking therapy.

4. Will I Need to Bring Anything With Me to My First Appointment?

Once you have completed the intake packet, your therapist will review the information and prepare for your first appointment. You will not need to bring anything with you to your first appointment, but it may be helpful to bring a list of questions you have for your therapist or any additional information that you feel is important.

5. What if I Have Trouble Filling Out the Intake Packet?

If you have trouble completing the intake packet or have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our support team at (719) 345-2424 or TEXT (719) 888-5022. Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff is here to support you throughout the entire therapy process.


At Overcomers Counseling, we believe that everyone deserves to live a happy and fulfilling life. Our intake packet is designed to make the therapy process as easy and stress-free as possible. By providing your therapist with important information about your mental health history and current concerns, you are taking an important step towards healing and growth. If you are ready to take the first step towards improving your mental health, we invite you to contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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June 21st, 2024

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