Why You Should Appreciate Your Partner

Why You Should Appreciate Your Partner
Making efforts to enhance the strength of a relationship and build its emotional bond can lead to resentment if the efforts are unappreciated. 

It's essential that you appreciate your partner for the positive things they do and for their presence in your life.

When you appreciate them, it makes them feel good about their positive deeds. 

Your praises and thanks will boost their moods and give them beaming smiles. 

The compliments may also lead to more positive acts from them because of the great feelings they know are awaiting them.

Equally, praising them also makes you feel good. 

Since humans generally feel great when helping others feel good, it becomes a win-win situation for the parties involved. 

If your spouse is happy because of your praises, you will also become happy because you know you put them in a good mood.

Furthermore, doling out praises to your partner will train your mind to look for positives in your partner

When you become used to thanking them for their good deeds and making both of you happy, you may become addicted to ensure the repeat of such situations.

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It Makes Them Feel Good 

Giving praise for a person's actions can help them see how much you value their actions.

They will understand that their acts were good enough for you to praise them, and this will make them happy in return.

When you appreciate your partner for their deeds and they feel good, you are creating an opportunity for you to live a long life. 

A positive relationship constantly emits good feelings, allowing the partners to live healthily and without marital troubles.

Making your partner feel good also helps to reduce their blood pressure level. 

Since they are receiving mood-boosting accolades, they will have no reason to dwell on negative emotions that can cause blood pressure spikes.

Your appreciation can also increase your partner's heart health. 

By making them smile, you are making their brain release norepinephrine, dopamine, and adrenaline. 

These chemicals will give their heart a workout as they make it beat faster.

It Makes You Look for Positives 

Getting grateful enough to appreciate your partner in the ways they like will have you learning to look for positives in no time. 

When you already know that praising them results in them feeling good and doing more good, you will get used to looking for the positive thing in all their actions to repeat the appreciation process.

As you get used to seeing positives, you will learn that it helps with stress relief. 

Given that your ability to see the silver lining in every situation will translate into other aspects of life besides your marriage, you will be able to maneuver around difficulties instead of getting stressed over them.

Similarly, your positive thinking will help you with improved wellness and a stronger immune system. 

This can happen because your regularly happy state will ensure your body's chemicals are in optimal condition. 

You will also be in a great mental space to exercise and eat healthily.

Equally, you can also build your mental resilience with the positive thinking you have created from seeing the good in your partner.

Whenever you are in any form of life struggle, your optimism will help you react to it positively and figure out a solution. 

It Makes You Feel Good 

Being nice to other people generally makes us feel good about ourselves for being great people that can make others happy. 

So, when you appreciate your partner and they feel good, you are also likely to feel great because you made them happy.

Your personal happiness may stem from a contagious form of joy, which occurs because of the proximity to a happy person. 

If your partner is happy beside you and you are not feeling any negative emotions, you are likely to be infected by their happiness and feel happy.

You may also feel good because you know deep within you that your praises will lead to more connection between both of you.

Compliments are an excellent way to cement your presence in your partner's life, and you will continue getting closer the more you praise them.

Also, we generally think of ourselves as nice people; thus, when we get the chance to be recognized as kind people, it will trigger a sense of fulfillment. 

When you feel good after appreciating your partner, it may be due to the validation of your "nice person" status.

It Makes Them Reciprocate 

The principle of reciprocity is central in almost every facet of marriage. This is expected because marriage takes two to tango.

Therefore, it's equally likely that when you appreciate your partner for their good deeds, they will also appreciate you when you do some good deeds.

The reciprocity is excellent because it will let the relationship move stronger and get more solid.

In a relationship without reciprocity, you may build resentment toward your partner if they don't appreciate your efforts. 

You may start to believe that your efforts are never good enough for them.

Also, reciprocity is excellent because it shows that both of you care about your marriage, and it's not just you who desires a blissful marriage. 

When you praise them for their effort in the morning and they consciously praise you in return, even when your effort is small, you'll know they care about you.

If you notice that they aren't reciprocating your appreciation despite doing more good deeds, you can begin a conversation about it. 

They are likely not doing it with a bad intention. 

You bringing it up will let them realize and change to be better.

It Lets Them Know What You Like 

Understanding a person's needs can open up new ways of making efforts in the relationship. When you appreciate your partner, your appreciation will be made for certain acts, enabling them to know your likes and how to satisfy you.

There will be a greater connection in your marriage since they understand what you like and relate to your interests.

For example, if you appreciate them for working out with you, they will realize its importance to you and may build up a liking for exercise to connect better with you.

Also, there are likely to be fewer problems when they understand what you like.

Since they know your needs, they won't deviate and do things you don't like.

With your needs evident to them, there will be increased communication in the marriage since they can easily talk to you better. 

For example, a partner you appreciate for saving a movie will understand you like such films, resulting in further communication over related topics.


Sometimes, people may stop appreciating their companions because they take their efforts for granted. 

However, when you read through the benefits of appreciating them, you realize that you should appreciate your partner more.

These benefits include making both of you feel good, training you to look for positives, making them reciprocate, and letting them realize what you like. 


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