9 Tips for Traveling on the First Vacation with Your Partner


I remember my first couples trip together with my current wife. It was a lot of fun, but also it was a sort of test we had never faced together as a couple.

You get to know how your significant other handles stress, unexpected situations, and different climates.

That's when I realized how it can be a make or break experience for a relationship.

It can also be a great way to grow closer together.

Here are 9 tips I wish someone had told me before our first romantic getaway. 

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1). Know What Kind of Vacationer You and Your Partner Are

Before you embark on your first couple's vacation, it's essential to understand your travel styles.

  • The Planner - This person has the travel chops. They love to plan activities and create detailed itineraries. They might compare notes with a partner to ensure everything is covered.
  • The Relaxer - Prefers to spend free time lounging by the pool or in a hot tub. They value a low stress level and enjoy the moment.
  • The Adventurer - Always looking for new experiences and challenges. They might be the last person to say no to a hike or a day exploring.
  • The Social Butterfly - Enjoys meeting new people and making friends during the trip. They often expect to engage in group activities.
  • The Cultural Enthusiast - Loves to dive into local culture, food, and history. They thrive on learning about new destinations and overcoming language barriers.
  • The Spontaneous Traveler - Prefers to go with the flow rather than stick to a plan. They enjoy the freedom of choosing activities on a whim.
  • The Budget-Conscious Traveler - Focuses on finding the right destination that offers the best value for money. They often plan trips that maximize bang for their buck.
  • The Romantic - Seeks out romantic getaways that offer quality alone time with their partner. Perfect for those in a new relationship or happily married.
  • The Solo Explorer - Even when traveling with a partner, they appreciate time alone to pursue personal interests. They don't mind exploring independently.
  • The Relationship Expert - Uses travel to strengthen relationships. Understands the importance of being honest and talking openly about expectations and stress levels.

Discuss whether you prefer a relaxing romantic getaway or an adventurous road trip.

This is much different than your first date, or living everyday life. So knowing your preferences can help make the planning process smoother and ensure both of you enjoy the entire vacation.

2). Plan the Budget

Discussing and agreeing on a budget ahead of time is crucial for a successful couple's trip.

Determine how much you're willing to spend on accommodations, meals, activities, and souvenirs.

Travel Budget Items People Tend to Overlook

  • Travel Insurance - Often overlooked, but essential for covering unexpected events that can happen during your first vacation.
  • Local Transportation - Costs for buses, taxis, or renting a car while you walk or explore the destination.
  • Foreign Transaction Fees - Charges from using your credit card abroad can add up quickly if you're not prepared.
  • Tipping - Different countries have various tipping customs, and it can become an unexpected expense.
  • Laundry Services - Especially on longer trips, the cost of having clothes washed can be a surprise.
  • Airport Transfers - The cost of getting to and from the airport is often forgotten in the planning stages.
  • Souvenirs and Gifts - Buying keepsakes for yourself or gifts for friends and family can add to your expenses.
  • Meals and Snacks - Eating out, especially in tourist areas, can be more expensive than anticipated during your first trip.
  • Entrance Fees - Admission to museums, parks, and other attractions can quickly eat into your budget.
  • Internet and Phone Charges - Staying connected with data plans or international calling fees is a cost many overlook.
  • Unexpected Medical Costs - Even minor medical needs can be costly when traveling. It's good to plan for minor health expenses.

This helps avoid financial stress and ensures you both have a clear understanding of your spending limits.

3). Take Lots of Pictures and Videos

I love those memories reminders we get on social media.

Make sure to pick memorable travel songs for your instagram reels. Capturing memories on your first couple's trip is invaluable.

Picture and Video Ideas for your Social Media

  • Sunrise or Sunset Shots - Capture the beauty of the world's most stunning lighting, whether you're at the beach or in the mountains.
  • Candid Moments - Focus on genuine smiles and laughter during your adventure to showcase the joy of your time traveling.
  • Local Cuisine - Take pictures and videos of unique dishes as you explore new places. Food is always a highlight point for any trip.
  • Landmarks and Iconic Sites - Documenting famous landmarks can provide a sense of place and add context to your journey.
  • Romantic Moments - Snap photos of sweet moments with your partner to highlight the romance of your adventure together.
  • Street Scenes - Capture the hustle and bustle of local streets to provide followers with a sense of daily life in different parts of the world.
  • Nature and Wildlife - Share stunning views of natural landscapes and encounters with wildlife to inspire a sense of wonder.
  • Action Shots - Whether it's hiking, surfing, or any adventure activity, action shots can convey excitement and movement.
  • Cultural Experiences - Videos of local performances, festivals, or traditional ceremonies can provide rich content and cultural insights.

That'll help capture the nostalgia and keep the memories alive long after the vacation together is over.

4). Schedule Alone Time

Even on a romantic vacation, it's important to have some alone time.

Whether it's a morning jog, a visit to the spa, or simply lounging in the hotel room, having personal time allows you to recharge and appreciate the other's company even more when you're back together.

5). Be Flexible

Plans can change, and that's okay.

Being flexible and adaptable during your trip will help you handle any unexpected challenges smoothly.

This can include weather changes, delays, or discovering new activities that weren't part of your initial plan.

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6). Communicate Openly

Open communication is key, especially during your first couple's vacation.

Discuss your expectations, preferences, and any concerns beforehand.

This will help avoid misunderstandings and ensure both of you have a great time. 

7). Explore Together

Make the most of your day exploring new places together.

Whether you're wandering through a city or hiking in nature, sharing these experiences can strengthen your bond.

Don't hesitate to try new activities that interest both of you. 

8). Use Helpful Apps

Apps like Google Maps can be incredibly useful on your first couple's trip.

Other helpful apps include ones for booking accommodations, finding restaurants, and translating languages.

These tools can simplify your journey and make it more enjoyable. 

9). Don't Overplan

While having a plan is good, overplanning can lead to stress. Leave some days open for spontaneous adventures.

Sometimes the best experiences come from unplanned moments, like stumbling upon a beautiful sunset or finding a hidden café. 

Helpful Apps for the Couples First Trip Together

  • Google Maps For navigation and discovering local attractions.
  • TripAdvisor To find reviews on hotels, restaurants, and activities.
  • Splitwise Helps manage shared expenses effortlessly.
  • Yelp Great for finding dining options and local spots.
  • Spotify Create a travel playlist or good mix to set the mood for your trip.


Your first getaway with a new partner can be an exciting and memorable experience.

If you consider following these travel tips, you can help ensure a smooth and enjoyable first couple's vacation.

From planning the budget to exploring new places together, these tips will help you make the most out of your couple's trip and create lasting memories.

Enjoy your romantic vacation and the start of many more adventures to come.

And if you return from your vacation with heightened sense of love, and you're possibly thinking the next step is in order, then consider checking out our premarital counseling services in Colorado

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