5 Tips on How to Stop Fighting in Your Relationship

5 Tips on How to Stop Fighting in Your Relationship

Disagreements are bound to happen in every relationship.

Conflicts are sometimes an actual test of your relationship.

However, your relationship may become tense and unhealthy when you constantly disagree with your partner.

Thus, it would be best to figure out how to stop fighting in your relationship.

When you notice that things are getting tense or emotions are welling up in your relationship, you should learn to take a step back and allow tempers to cool. 

Sometimes, you are both stressed, and it is not advisable to get into arguments when you are not in the right frame of mind.

If you have been fighting with your partner a lot, you might try seeing a therapist together.

No relationship is above counseling, and you cannot overemphasize the role of a therapist in mending a connection.

It is the inherent nature of humans to defend themselves when accused of a wrong. 

However, if you want your relationship to succeed, you should learn to make corrections in good faith. 

When your partner accuses you of something, you should take it as a correction and not take it as an attack on your personality.

You can consider the following tips on how to stop fighting in your relationship:

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Allow Tempers to Cool

Anger management is an essential skill needed to excel in your relationships with people. 

When you have a hot temper, you tend to get into fights with your partner. 

If you want to learn how to stop fighting in your relationship, you should take anger management seriously.

It would help if you learned to think before speaking.

It is one way to avoid continuous fights due to your temper.

When you get into a heated argument with your partner, it is advisable to keep quiet while the matter is heated and think. 

Thinking allows you to evaluate the issue and tackle it properly.

It would help if you also made it a duty to avoid keeping grudges with your partner.

When your partner offends you, you should tell them what they did and tackle it immediately. 

You might have an emotional outburst due to pent-up anger with your partner.

Repressed anger often surfaces in an ugly manner.

Anger causes you to do or say things you regret, so it is better to walk away and think when you are angry.

Regarding your relationship, anger affects your health, so it is best to learn how to manage it.

Do Not Be Defensive 

Not every confrontation is an attack on your personality. 

The earlier you learn this, the earlier you know how to stop fighting in your relationship. 

As humans, we tend to believe that what we do is the right thing, making us defensive when someone confronts us. 

Sometimes, your partner only corrects you because they want you to be better.

Understanding yourself is the hack to avoid being too defensive. 

Once you know that you tend to feel threatened when faced with confrontation, it would help you make calculated responses.

Knowing yourself and recognizing your triggers enables you to respond better to accusations that might trigger you.

It is advisable to learn not to take things to heart. 

Most times, we flare up because we take things too personally. 

Also, it would be best to maintain a positive outlook on life. 

Not everyone has bad intentions toward you. 

If you bear in mind that your partner has only good purposes for you, you will take every accusation against you in good fate.

It would help if you understood that you are human and capable of making mistakes. 

Thus, when confronted, you do not always have to be defensive.

See a Therapist 

There are numerous relationship counselors around. 

If you notice that you have been getting into too many fights with your partner, you should not rule out the option of seeing a love doctor

. A therapist is best to guide you on how to stop fighting in your relationship.

Therapists undergo training to help people solve their emotional issues.

It is advisable to see a therapist who can help you communicate better with your spouse.

If you get into constant conflicts with your partner, a therapist can identify the root causes of these conflicts and find solutions to them.

Research has shown that couples who visit a therapist are more likely to have peaceful, healthy relationships. 

A good therapist studies the relationship and gives practical tips on what works best for the couple.

It is also advisable to follow whatever the therapist advises you to do.

It is important to note that a therapy session would only be beneficial when both partners in a relationship are willing to make things work.

Hence, if one or both partners do not care about the relationship, a therapy session is only a waste of time.

Talk About It

Difficult conversations are paramount to the success of every relationship.

Sometimes, you must sit your partner down and thoroughly discuss how to stop fighting in your relationship.

It may be challenging to have that conversation when you are emotional, but you can learn how to go about it.

One way to talk to your partner about your incessant fights is to start the discussion in a friendly manner. 

You can do this by finding a proper time to speak and start the conversation on a positive note. 

If you start this kind of conversation in an angry tone, you would most likely get into another fight.

Also, while you have this "talk" with your partner, you should be ready to put yourselves in each other's shoes. 

When you see things from your partner's perspective, you discover why they behave the way they do. 

This way, you are not only talking; you are trying to reach a common ground with your partner.

You cannot overemphasize the role of communication in every relationship. 

Thus, you should have that "talk" with your partner today.

Take a Break

You can take a short break from your relationship to evaluate your relationship.

It would be best if you consider taking a break from your relationship when you constantly get into arguments with your partner. 

If nothing seems to work after discussing how to stop fighting in your relationship, you might need to take a break from the relationship.

A break lets you put things in perspective and determine if the relationship is worth it. 

You probably get into fights with your partner because you do not set your priorities right. 

A break does not necessarily mean that you leave your partner and get someone else for the time being.

A break could mean physically separating from your partner for some time. 

It could also involve solo vacations or spending time out with your friends.

Time spent away from your partner helps reduce the tension in your relationship.

If you have problems resolving fights with your partner, taking a break from the relationship is not such a bad idea.

You might realize that all you needed to mend your relationship was a break.


Couples are bound to disagree on several things because they are different individuals who have different perspectives on life. 

However, it is important to know how to stop fighting with your partner, if you desire a healthy relationship.

You can do this by not being defensive, allowing tempers to cool, seeing a therapist, talking about it, and taking a break.


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