5 Signs of a Cheating Partner

5 Signs of a Cheating Partner

Some cheating partners may eventually get so guilty and decide to tell their partners about their extra-marital affairs, whereas some may continue to conduct their clandestine activities without thinking of telling them, so how do you know the signs of a cheating partner?

A telling sign of a cheating partner is the reduction of their physical and emotional availability in the marriage because they are devoting the majority of their energy to maintaining the extra-marital affair.

You may also notice that they are hiding their electronic devices, locking them, or changing the passwords from what you know; this usually arises when they are engaging in a full-blown private life they don't want you to see, or they have begun communicating with someone they are falling for.

It may also be that your partner now loves going out alone in the evenings or with friends after work; this is usually a matter of suspicion when it was not something they used to do in the past and they just drastically changed.

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They are Not Emotionally Available 

A cheating partner will not prioritize your relationship anymore and will focus their strength on growing the new affair; thus, you may see them less and even have difficulty getting messages or calls from them as they won't be bothered about your feelings.

Since they are unbothered about your emotions, they will fail to validate your thoughts, and that's one of the signs of a cheating partner because they are doing a lot of subconscious work on their emotions to accommodate the new relationship.

Similarly, they may begin to play games with you concerning when to text or see you; the games they play mean they will be inconsistent with their texting times, making sure to wait for a long time before texting or replying to your communication attempts.

They may also avoid conflict actively instead of working through the issues and reaching resolutions; they may act like the issue never occurred, say nothing is wrong, or acknowledge it but shy away from facing it, leading to an emotional wall in your relationship.

They Hide Their Devices

One of the common signs of a cheating partner is when they begin to hide their electronic devices because they have begun to flirt, exchange racy pictures or videos, and engage in sexting with new people on social media.

You may have a cheating partner if they start to lock to their devices with passwords you don't know, they have a separate email from the one you have always known, switch webpages whenever you come into the room, or shut down their devices when you come around.

It may also be that they have created a new social media account where you are not their friend, and they are keeping it from you; the chances are that the friends on the account are new people you don't know about, and that's a likely sign of infidelity.

In as much as many of us use phones to constantly keep up with communication about work and friendships, your partner's intense desire to reply to their messages immediately may be one of the signs of cheating, especially when they have demonstrated the other signs.

They Go Out Alone

In maintaining an external affair, your partner will seek to create more time to spend with their love interest, resulting in them demanding more alone time and leaving you to your lonesome more times than usual.

They may decide to travel alone for a solo vacation instead of taking you along or may go solo to a company retreat that allows a companion; it's noteworthy that a one-time occurrence of this doesn't indicate infidelity but traveling solo regularly is one of the signs of a cheating partner.

Also, if they attend family events alone, it may indicate a mental reallocation of your role in their life as family events as supposed to be about close people in every family member's life, so if they don't want you there, that's a strong indication of them valuing you less.

The most common of them going out alone is visiting the bar with friends or coworkers; when they begin to go often, it may mean that they are starting to go out of the relationship for some intimacy as bars present an excellent opportunity to get intimate partners.

They Use Untraceable Payment Methods 

Your partner may begin to hide their finances and purchases by using payment methods you can't trace easily, so you won't discover how they are spending money, whom they are spending on, and what they are spending on.

To hide their expenses from you, they may begin to withdraw cash and use it to settle their payments; therefore, you may see new, large cash withdrawals in their bank statement, which is one of the signs of a cheating partner when combined with other signs.

They may also begin to use cryptocurrencies, not for investing and making money, but for transferring to wallets you can't identify their owners, leaving you clueless about their specific spending habits.

Similarly, they may open many mobile wallets on various financial platforms to move money around before spending it or send it to their lover to confuse you as to the recipient and purpose of the transfer.

They Have Emotional Extremes 

A cheating partner may begin to feel guilty and compensate for their sins by being over-nice suddenly, buying you gifts out of the blues, calling to check up on you every time, or insisting on dates even when you don't feel like going out.

Extreme niceness is one of the signs of a cheating partner because their conscience forces them to rectify their wrongs without letting you know about the wrongs.

On the flip side, a cheating partner may be furious with you over trivial things like a dirty plate, wet shoes in the house, forgetting to buy something during grocery shopping, or failing to do a chore.

When a cheat exhibits such extreme anger, it's usually because they are trying to justify why they are no longer in love with you and get an opportunity to have a lot of ammunition against you if you find out.


If you suspect your partner of infidelity, be sure to bring up the issue and calmly talk about them to find out the truth.

Before confronting them about infidelity, take due diligence to observe if they are emotionally unavailable, hiding their electronic devices, going out alone more often, using untraceable payment methods, or being emotionally extreme in the marriage.


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