Everybody's experience with anxiety is as unique as the person, but what are the 15 anxiety triggers most commonly reported?  You may be surprised to learn that there are many factors that come into play when it comes to anxiety-related triggers...
People who live with anxiety may ask themselves why anxiety is worse at night? Sometimes, people feel more anxiety in the evening hours simply because it is quiet, and they are finally alone with their thoughts. There are many distractions throughout...
Many of us know what anxiety feels like, but what does anxiety do to your brain? Essentially, two parts of the brain are impacted by anxiety: the amygdala and the hippocampus. As soon as the brain detects anxiety, a series of chemicals are released, ...
If you're seeking counseling services and you're covered under Aetna, you have come to the right place.  Overcomers Counseling in Colorado Springs believes all people should have the opportunity to find counseling, therefore,...
It's fair to say most of us are really feeling the strain of COVID-19. Our lifestyles seemed to change in a heartbeat, and adjusting to our new normal requires a lot of shifting of perspectives and routines. Here are some resources to help you handle...
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It can be tough to deal with an immature child. They may be frustrating, and it can seem like they are never going to grow up. But don't worry, you can help them grow up. Raising an emotionally mature child is crucial because it ensures they develop ...
Anxiety No More! Find Relief, Tools and Resources
Introduction  Anxiety, a common emotional response to stress, manifests in various forms, from everyday worries to diagnosable disorders. Understanding the distinctions between regular feelings of anxiety and clinical issues is essential for com...
Therapy for ADHD
Introduction In the modern hustle and bustle, mental well-being is becoming increasingly significant. Identifying the symptoms of mental health issues is often the initial stride toward effectively handling and resolving them. From slight alterations...

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