We have heard the term neurodiverse being used in association with the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as other neurodevelopmental diagnoses, but what do they truly mean and more importantly, what do they mean to those with these diagno...
  1.   May 20th, 2021
  2.   Autism
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It's important to take note of how mental illness can be associated with childhood trauma and learned maladaptive behaviors, but how much of those symptoms are attributed to abusive behavior, if at all? It is important to note the distinction betwee...
Most of us are familiar with the act of gaslighting if we have ever been in an abusive relationship, but a lot of us aren't quite sure what that term exactly entails. So, what is 'gaslighting' and how does it affect you? Gaslighting is a term used ...
As a parent, it is your responsibility to teach discipline to your child no matter what's his/her age. Many parents think it is unnecessary to discipline and teach toddlers how to behave as they won't listen and understand them. If you too think the ...
  1.   May 10th, 2021
  2.   Parenting Resources
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Parenting is never an easy process, not even for some of the most experienced parents out there. Each child brings unique challenges and mind-boggling situations that most parents are often unable to cope with. Parenting books help you better underst...
  1.   May 8th, 2021
  2.   Parenting Resources
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