Ways Your Children Can Entertain Themselves

Ways Your Children Can Entertain Themselves

It is common for your children to be bored with you engaging them.

However, it can be exhausting to have the duty of constantly entertaining or engaging your children.

This is why it is important your children can entertain themselves.

A great way children can entertain themselves is by engaging in solo play.

Solo play is basically playing without you.

You can encourage your child to find some activity without you.

Open-ended toys might initially seem boring to your child.

However, once your children have figured out how to engage their imaginations, using open-ended toys will be a fun way for them to entertain themselves.

Open-ended toys could be sticks, crayons, and similar items.

Toys are generally a good way your children can entertain themselves.

However, when children have too many toys, they may struggle to pick what toys to entertain themselves with.

Consider reducing the number of toys your children have in sight.

Your children can entertain themselves in these ways:

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Solo Play

It is natural for children to have a great dependency on their parents.

You might be exhausted from the frequency of entertaining your child.

A great way your children can entertain themselves is through solo play.

Solo play just refers to your child being able to play without you.

If your children can go off and plan by themselves, they can solo play.

Consider encouraging this practice to encourage your children to engage in solo play.

Sometimes, your child might engage in solo play until you arrive.

Ideally, you might want your children to be a bit independent from you.

However, young children will typically still look to their parents for attention, even when they can solo play.

You can judge what level of dependency is sufficient.

It is possible that you might also struggle with your child playing away from you initially.

In the long run, your children will benefit from independent time.

Open Ended Toys

At the earlier point of their formative years, children interpret things differently from adults.

Usually, this is because children are more creative than adults.

A great way your children can entertain themselves is by using their creativity with open-ended toys.

Open-end toys are toys or even objects that can be used in multiple ways.

An example of an open-ended toy could be a small stick or a crayon.

A child would have to apply themselves mentally to find a way to use the stick to play.

A child could discover new uses for their open-ended toys.

You can teach your children to entertain themselves by introducing and encouraging open-ended toys for them.

Consider teaching your child some games you played alone.

The fun part of an open-ended comes from your child's imagination.

Open-ended toys help develop the creativity of your child.

Children who learn to entertain themselves with open-ended toys will be less likely to seek you out to entertain them.

With Fewer Toys

You might find yourself confused that your children are bored despite having a lot of toys.

Having a lot of toys might cause your child to struggle with deciding on a toy to play with.

Sometimes, your children can entertain themselves when they have fewer toys.

Consider an exercise to reduce the number of toys your children have.

Try to include them in the selection of the toys that will stay and the toys that will go.

Your child might find out their favorite toys when they have to pick a limited number of toys.

Alternatively, you might simply keep the old toys out of sight of your children.

You reduce the number of toys available to your child in a given amount of time.

You can choose to keep the rest of your toys somewhere your children can select them.

Children can get overwhelmed by the luxury of choices.

Fewer toys give your children fewer options to choose from.

You might be surprised to find out that your child can entertain themselves when you limit their choice of toys.

Plan Playdates

One of the best ways your children entertain themselves is by scheduling playdates with other children.

Children generally enjoin the company of other children.

When you have more than one child, the two kids will likely get along well.

Your children can entertain themselves by playing with each other or other children. Consider arranging fun playdates with other children.

Children who play with other children tend to forget other adults around.

If you have two children, they will likely play with each other.

You might have to give them space so that they can enjoy playing together.

Consider taking your children to the park or the beach to allow them to play with each other.

It is necessary for children to interact with each other.

It is at a young age that children learn to form social bonds with other children.

Playing with other children might also teach your child other games to play alone.

Parallel Play

Children look up to adults in their lives.

Your child is likely watching and imitating you even when you are not conscious of it.

This is why an effective way your children can entertain themselves is by parallel play.

When you do an activity such as cleaning the house, your children might want to join you. You can use this to teach your children to entertain themselves.

Try to select an individual activity that your children can copy.

Consider reading a book.

You can ask your children to join you with their books, and their book could be a storybook with drawings.

This way, your children are engaged in their book, and you have precious time.

Your children will likely develop habits.

Even when you are around, your children may have grown accustomed to reading by themselves.

You can try parallel playing with various activities you involve your child in.


Although parents want to provide support for their children, it can be difficult to always have to entertain their children.

It is also beneficial for the mental well-being of your child to learn to entertain themselves.

The ways your children can entertain themselves include solo play, open-ended toys, fewer toys, organizing playdates and parallel playing. 


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