Ways to Create a Strong Bond With Your Child That Will Help Their Mental Well-Being

Ways to Create a Strong Bond With Your Child That Will Help Their Mental Well-Being

The child-parent relationship shapes a child's understanding of the world and relationship with people.

However, due to busy work schedules or other priorities, parents can find it challenging to connect with their children.

Notwithstanding, like all other relationships, you can mend your relationship and create a strong bond with your child.

One practical way to bond with your child is to spend quality time with them.

Balancing work, social, marital, and parental responsibilities can be strenuous.

Due to this overload, it is possible to neglect your child unintentionally.

However, you can restore your bond with conscious efforts and spending quality time with them.

Also, practicing healthy communication habits with your child helps you understand each other better and strengthens your bond.

Listening to your child, discussing feelings with them, communicating kindly, and giving them your undivided attention are all healthy communication habits.

Similarly, respecting your child's decisions, choices, and life goals will help them become better problem solvers and independent adults.

Children also feel courageous to take on new challenges when they have supportive parents they can trust.

A strong bond with parents also provides emotional support for children to navigate life easily. 

Consider this article to gain insight into ways to create a strong bond with your child:

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Margot Bean, LCSW

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Spend Quality Time With Your Child 

Amidst your many responsibilities as a parent, if you want to create a strong bond with your child, you have to spend quality time with them.

Quality time goes beyond asking a few questions daily or tucking them in bed.

You have to prioritize your child and take ample time out to bond.

For example, if your child loves cookies, you can set time apart to bake with them.

Start by discussing the baking processes and encouraging them to take responsibility, like adding chocolate chips or sieving the flour.

Cheer them on while they work and have fun together.

Also, you can celebrate special occasions with your child.

Take them out on Valentine's day and gift them flowers to make them feel loved.

Their birthdays are also important occasions you must not forget.

Asides from special events, you can create a family one.

If your child participates in soccer and scores a goal, you can take them out to celebrate the "special occasion."

Devoting ample time to bond with your child makes them feel loved and cherished.

It also creates opportunities to have fun together and form core memories you both can cherish forever.

Communicate With Them

As a parent, creating a safe space for your child to share their feelings, thoughts, and opinions is important.

Being a good listener and cultivating healthy communication habits at home increases trust, builds parent-child connection, and allows you to create a strong bond with your child.

As established, listening is an essential aspect of communication.

You foster mutual respect and encourage honest conversations when you listen to your child, endeavor to understand their feelings, validate them, and show empathy towards them.

Also, if your child is introverted or shy, it might be difficult to converse with them and bond together.

However, there are ways you can help them open up.

Ask specific questions about their day at school and also give them some information about yours.

This way, it seems more like a conversation than an interrogation.

Similarly, when your child needs your attention, you can remove all distractions and focus on them.

Little children love attention; however, your undivided attention means more to them as they grow older.

They can rely on you for emotional support and communicate with you better when they know you are always there to listen to them.

Respect Your Child

Often, parents demand respect for their kids without giving reciprocating it.

Regardless of your parenting skills, if you don't come down to your child's level and develop respect for them, they may not be able to bond and connect with you.

Thus, one of the best ways to create a strong bond with your child is to respect them.

When your child makes mistakes, correct them with love.

It is okay to give light punishment when your child does something terrible.

You can ground them or give them more household chores; however, what you shouldn't do is belittle, insult, or call your child names.

Similarly, insulting your child in front of friends and family will make them feel humiliated and emotionally take them farther away from you.

Be gentle, kind, and respectful while correcting them. 

Not only does this strengthen your connection and mutual understanding, but you also model a healthy conflict resolution behavior.

In addition, as children grow older, they are faced with choices and decisions.

Supporting your child to make their own decisions will make them better problem solvers and encourage them to have self-confidence and trust in themself.

Be Loving 

An effective way to create a strong bond with your child is to show them love.

Parental love improves a child's physical and mental health, creates a stronger parent-child bond, and makes them feel self-confident and safe.

You can express love to your child by giving them surprises.

Kids love to be surprised as it makes them happy. 

It doesn't have to be an expensive gift; small chocolate or a new drawing book will undoubtedly make your child smile and feel loved.

As simple as the sentence "I love you" is, it is easy to forget to say them.

While you can show your kids love in your actions, telling them you love them will be a constant reminder.

During random moments, whisper the words to your kids while looking closely at them so they can see how you genuinely mean it.

When you do little things to show your child they are loved, they feel safe around you, trust you and connect with you better.

Support Your Child

Supportive parents encourage their children to handle their emotions, confide in them, deal with stressful situations and form healthy relationships.

Parental support provides a sense of security, serves as a confidence booster, and ultimately helps create a strong bond with your child.

Kids strive to gain independence as they grow older.

They tend to sometimes make decisions with or without their parent's knowledge.

However, being a supportive parent will help your child confide in you.

You also form a strong bond with your child when they can open up to you freely without fear of being judged or condemned. 

Likewise, kids often have career goals from a very young age.

Their interests and passion can become a life goal, and you should be supportive as parents.

Regardless of how often they change their dreams, trusting them every time and showing support will help you form an unbreakable bond with them.

Similarly, you need to recognize that as children grow older, they need space and privacy.

Most parents wrongly take their child's request for privacy and deprive them of it.

However, allowing and supporting your child to be comfortable in their personal space is vital.


The bond between parents and their children can directly influence a child's mental well-being and provide emotional support for the child. 

You can create a strong bond with your child by spending quality time with them, communicating with them, supporting them, respecting them, and showing love to them.


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