The Positive Effects of Television on a Child's Mental Well-Being

The Positive Effects of Television on a Child's Mental Well-Being

The TV is an invention that has transformed the distribution of information and knowledge across the globe.

Its effects reverberate in many life sectors, even children's mental well-being.

To appreciate the wonders of TV for your kid, you should learn the positive effects of television on a child's mental well-being.

As a medium for entertainment, the TV can grant your child some stress relief.

After a long day at school coupled with some house chores, sitting and watching some cartoons or movies can be an excellent method for your child to enjoy some relief.

With the TV, your child can develop communication skills and empathy.

From listening to the characters and studying how they interact with one another, your child can learn a lot about communication.

Since communication is a critical part of your kid's well-being, it's beneficial to encourage them to watch TV.

The wide variety of programs and shows from around the world can also aid them in gaining exposure to global events and cultures.

They will learn how people live in other places and how things are done elsewhere.

They will be able to import ideas from other places and use them when necessary.

If you are concerned about how TV influences kids, you should learn the positive effects of television on a child's mental well-being:

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Stress Relief 

One of the positive effects of television on a child's mental well-being is managing the child's stress.

Your child may be stressed over their academic performance, their classmate's behavior, or your behavior.

However, entertaining programs on the TV can help manage that stress by distracting them with exciting stories.

By helping your child manage stress properly, such a child can enjoy quality sleep.

Since there's no stressful thing to think about, by virtue of the TV, your kid's mind will be left without deep thoughts.

The kid will be able to sleep easily at night.

With stress out of the way, your child will be in a constantly good mood.

Even if the child is naturally neutral, the lack of stress can tilt them towards a positive mood.

Being in a good mood will help connect better with people and build stable relationships.

Furthermore, reduced stress will allow your child to maintain a good shape and diet.

Since stress can cause eating disorders, which can, in turn, cause obesity or excessive weight loss, your child should reduce stress by watching TV.

Improved Communication Skills 

Improving a child's communication skills can help them express their emotions clearly and share thoughts smoothly.

Thankfully, one of the positive effects of television on a child's mental well-being is the enhancement of their communication skills.

By watching TV, a child's only source of knowledge won't be you.

They will also have the shows on TV as sources of knowledge where they'll learn valuable skills.

If you are conscious about their choice of programs and pick the best for them, they will show incredible communication mastery in no time.

With their improved skills, they can easily exchange ideas and knowledge with their peers on the playground or in the classroom.

Their top-notch communication skills will help them integrate with their peers without issues since they understand the nuances of communication and empathy.

The communication skill improvement will also not end with oral communication.

Instead, it will extend to written communication, allowing your child to excel at academic work because they can answer questions precisely without hassle.

Exposure to the World 

Another evidence of the positive effects of television on a child's mental well-being is the global exposure they get.

The exposure allows them to widen their learning experience regarding international practices and cultures.

Similarly, the exposure allows them to develop soft skills necessary for real-life integration.

If they aren't consciously being taught about soft skills at home, they will see the application on the TV.

Seeing them in practical use by others will help them understand and imitate them easily.

They will also gain more personality self-awareness.

Among the various characters on their TV shows, they will undoubtedly see people with similar character traits as them.

By observing these traits and other people's responses to those people, they will be able to learn more about themselves.

Such exposure will also grant them more knowledge about how other systems work across the globe, ensuring they don't possess only an understanding of their locality.

The advanced knowledge will make them get more open-minded than before.


As one of the positive effects of television on a child's mental well-being, education has become a big reason for parents to allow their kids to watch TV.

With many educational TV programs available, such parents are assured that their kids will learn great things from the TV.

You can tune to informative documentaries or shows, allowing your kid to soak in knowledge from the shows.

These documentaries and shows are generally more interesting than doing homework because they offer audio-visual teaching, a method that helps kids retain more knowledge.

By turning on the subtitles on these shows, you can also help your kid learn to read faster.

Since they need to read the subtitles to understand what is being discussed, they will quickly become pros at reading fast.

Moreover, the communication between the TV characters also helps educate the kids because there's a dialogue.

Dialogues are great for piecing together information and helping engage the kid watching the show.

Increased Passion for Sports

Another example of the positive effects of television on a child's mental well-being is the increased passion for sports that some kids will develop.

Such an effect is impressive because it gives the kids an avenue to engage in physical activities, helping them physically relax.

If your kid gets to love sports and constantly follows them, they will begin to clamor to join the sports club.

Once they become regulars, it will become easy for them to avoid obesity since every physical sport is a massive burner of calories.

Your kid can also benefit from the improved balance and coordination that a physical sport brings.

Instead of failing at sports due to low coordination, their TV-induced passion will make them continue till they get it right.

They will also enjoy better cardiovascular health because of their intense physical exercise.

Their muscles, bones, and tendons will also grow at a healthy yet strong rate to help their body adjust to their new physical levels.


If you are worried that TV may be bad for your kid, you should consider the positive effects of television on a child's mental well-being, which include stress relief, improved communication skills, exposure to the world, education, and increased passion for sports.


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