5 Things to Consider When Talking to Autistic People

Talking to autistic people around you can be quite challenging because they interact with people differently. This is mostly a result of their differences from regular people. They may find it difficu...

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5 Differences Between Autism and Aspergers

Autism and Aspergers share quite a few similarities and a lot of people have problems differentiating between the two. This is further worsened by the fact that as of 2013 Aspergers is no longer diagn...

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How to Get an Autistic Child to Focus

Children with autism face unique challenges when it comes to focusing. This is because autistic children find it hard to discern what is relevant, so attention is often focused on irrelevant stimuli. ...

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The Benefits of Expanding Your Autistic Child's Horizons

To broaden your autistic child's horizons means you are helping them put themselves out there to learn and try new things. It shows your support for autism and commitment to their improvement. Your au...

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5 Methods to Make Holiday Traveling Easy for Autistic People

Holidays are a good time for families, friends, and people to relax, kick back and enjoy themselves. To make holiday traveling easy for autistic people preparations must be made to not get overwhelmed...

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Ways to Help Dispel Negative Self-Image of Autistic People

The way people react to people with autism might affect them in tremendous ways. From weird looks and hostile treatment to exclusion from activities, autistic people tend to develop negative self-imag...

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5 Factors to Consider When Picking Therapy for Your Autistic Child

After your child has been diagnosed with autism, one of the major choices you will be faced with is what treatment method would be suitable for your child. Medications and therapies are the major trea...

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How Autistic People Can Get Summer Jobs

Support for autism has continued to skyrocket as humanity advances. This is a welcome development from the little attention people on the spectrum used to receive in the past. Autistic people face dai...

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5 Career Success Secrets for Autistic Professionals

Autistic people who desire to build a career have numerous work opportunities. They might face challenges, but many of them have enjoyed great success in a wide range of careers. People might wonder h...

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How to Eventually Land Your Dream Job as an Autistic Person

Everyone has numerous ambitions, dreams, and aspirations for a job that will make them happy and content. Yet, there is a gap between the dream and making it a reality. This can happen for a variety o...

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