5 Reasons Why Autistic Unemployment Rate is High

Autistic people despite their skills find it hard to find and secure employment in organizations of their choice. Other disabilities they have might also limit them from exploring some types of employ...

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5 Reasons Why Relationships are Difficult for Autistic People

There are always going to be challenges and difficulties in every relationship. Most people struggle to recognize that relationships need compromise and accepting their partner's preferences and appro...

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5 Ways to Inspire Your Autistic Child to Initiate Conversations

Autistic children most times find it very difficult to initiate and maintain conversations. Aside from the fact that they are still young, they might still find it hard to engage in conversations. You...

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Reasons Why Your Autistic Partner is Sensitive to Criticism

Autistic people make great partners, regardless of their disability or little shortcomings. Although relationships are not devoid of criticism from both parties, your autistic partner may find it diff...

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5 Things Autistic Employees Find Useful in the Workplace

Autistic people have many strengths and exceptional skills that they contribute to the workplace. In addition to these skills, they have the great technical ability, they are reliable, innovative, and...

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How To Manage Your Eating Disorder as an Autistic Person

Autistic people are more likely to experience eating disorders. The reason is that they experience sensory differences relating to food and texture which may lead to anxiety over their food choices, a...

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Teaching Autistic Children

Learning is an integral part of the development of autistic children. You could provide support for autism by teaching autistic children. However, there are some common mistakes to avoid when teaching...

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How to Teach Autism to Elementary School Students

Elementary school students are typically very curious and inquisitive. An excellent way to provide for autism is to teach autism to elementary school students. This will go a long way to shape how the...

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5 Benefits of Advocating for Your Autistic Child at School

There are times when an autistic child would benefit from having an advocate at school. One of the duties of a parent is to provide the support necessary for their child. Support for autism can be thr...

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5 Benefits of Visual Support for Autistic Learning

Autistic learning has its peculiar challenges. The benefits of visual support for autistic learning are numerous. One of the best ways to offer support for autism is to use visual support tools to aid...

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