Online Support Group Facilitator

Online Support Group Facilitator

We are looking for eager mental health professionals to join our team at Overcomers Counseling.  If you are in the mental health field and have a passion for helping those in need, consider joining our practice!

About Overcomers Counseling

Overcomers Counseling is a unique, growing team of licensed clinicians who've joined together to serve those in need.  Our team of clinicians provides talk therapy online and in-person and covers a wide range of specialties from anxiety, depression to bipolar, PTSD, and more!

What We Are Looking For... 

We're looking for an online group facilitator that can create rewarding content for its group members.   Content includes rich and informative blog posts, worksheets, infographics, and intriguing discussions.  The facilitator will manage the members of the online group. 

Required Qualifications 

  • Studying to be or licensed mental health professional


  • Salary is commision-based and is calculated by the number of group members

Employment Type

  • Full-time and/or Part-time 


  •  This job is work from home.


  • Mental Health Care 



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September 27th, 2022
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