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It is my primary goal as a counselor to create a space for every individual to explore their lives and find the opportunities that may be lurking where it is most difficult to look. Through a unique therapeutic approach that combines Jungian symbology/dream-work with Narrative and Existential explorations, I will help you re-discover who you are. It is my mission to help you navigate life transitions, depression, anxiety, faith-based and spiritual concerns, as well as how to re-establish a connection with what is most important to you.

Life is sometimes hard to navigate, but you do not need to face it alone. Asking for help is courageous and shows strength. Finding the right therapist is key to the success of your therapy. It is important to find a therapist with whom you can develop a “therapeutic relationship,” based on trust and safety.

Through a compassion-based, person-focused, and Christ-centered approach, I will meet you where you are, in your journey. I cannot do the work for you, but I can walk alongside you. I will provide you the safe environment you need to feel heard and supported. I will help you discover, for yourself, the tools that work best for you.

As a graduate with a Master of Social Work, I now have over eight years of clinical and non-clinical experience working with families. I have explored, analyzed, and used effective interventions for families, couples, and individuals based on what I've experienced as a nanny, child behavior specialist, social worker, and mental health therapist. Additionally, I specialize in working with children and adolescents struggling with defiance, neuro-diverse difficulties/differences, trauma, and general anxiety/depression. I use somatic experiencing techniques, DBT, CBT, ( EMDR if the client is an appropriate fit for this modality), and interpersonal processing mostly, among a few other techniques. I also work with adults and I believe trust and rapport are the foundational elements that make a therapeutic journey successful.

You are embarking on an important journey of growth and healing and it is my privilege to come alongside you in that journey. My desire is to serve those in need of mental health counseling and ultimately to answer that need with truth and hope. My counseling orientation is integrative, enabling me, as your therapist, to tailor the counseling interventions to your particular needs. Approaches may include Motivation Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person-Centered therapy, Biblical Counseling and more. As holistic beings, all aspects - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - contribute to our overall experience of wholeness and wellness.

I look forward to joining you in your journey toward wellness.

I have been working in the field of behavioral health for the past 15 years. I have a Ph.D. in Rehabilitation and extensive experience in providing therapy for adults with a variety of mental health and substance use disorders (i.e. trauma, anxiety, depression, grief/loss, anger management, marriage counseling). I am also able to effectively utilize Christian/faith-based principles as requested by my clients.

Reaching out for help can be daunting and I applaud you for taking this initial step toward living a more rewarding life. I approach therapy as a collaborative process; working closely with you to ensure your goals for treatment are always my priority.

The hardest part of the therapeutic process is reaching the door of the therapist. It is my belief that the work has begun from that moment on. I believe the relationship you develop with your therapist is essential to feel and know you are "heard". Holding space for people and finding a way to the light of healing. Change occurs when a person is willing to bring the issue or issues into the light. As a therapist, it is my goal to assist you in finding deeper meaning and healing. It is my position to help you through the process. I look forward to helping you along the journey of healing.  Call for help:  (719) 345-2424

Garrett is the co-founder of Overcomers Counseling alongside his wife of 14 years, Jennifer Luttman, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor). Garrett is a Christian minister of the Gospel at a local Colorado Springs church, The Master's House.  He is an entrepreneur with a passion for helping people achieve their goals spiritually and mentally.  Garrett works with amazing counselors at Overcomers Counseling including; Jennifer Luttman LPC, Margot Bean LCSW and Kate Hunt LCSW.

Overcomers' is a mental health care practice in Colorado Springs.  We are located at 5585 Erindale Dr. Ste #204 Colorado Springs, CO 80918.  We have a passion for people and being a part of their experience as they overcome challenges.  What will you overcome?

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