Ways to Manage Bipolar Hypersexuality

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Hypersexuality is one of the less commonly discussed symptoms of bipolar disorder.

In supporting bipolar disorder, highlighting ways to manage bipolar hypersexuality can be helpful.

Communicating with your partner and some loved ones can be beneficial to managing bipolar hypersexuality.

For your partner, it creates the opportunity to discuss with your partner and make compromises.

For friends and family, it can be a telltale sign of an incoming bipolar episode.

When bipolar disorder is untreated and not treated properly, symptoms of bipolar disorder, such as hypersexuality, can surface.

A possible method to manage bipolar hypersexuality is to be consistent with a treatment plan.

There are some situations where people need to modify their treatments, contact your mental health professional.

Exercise is a great habit for bipolar people to develop.

Among its many health benefits, it can also act as an outlet to release energy and feel refreshed.

Scroll down to find out ways to manage bipolar hypersexuality.

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Communication With Friends and Loved Ones

Communication is an often underrated solution to many challenges.

Although it is natural to be scared of discussing specific topics like hypersexuality, there are many benefits to communicating with friends and loved ones.

Communication is a simple and effective way to deal with bipolar hypersexuality.

For bipolar individuals, a good place to start is to determine the people that need to be aware of their hypersexuality.

Common choices for most bipolar people would include their spouse or partner.

However, consider if you want to share with family and friends, as hypersexuality is present in all bipolar people.

Sharing with family and friends can allow them to recognize the triggers of bipolar disorder.

Deciding when to bring it up with someone you are interested in romantically can also be problematic.

The exact moment might be tricky to decide but consider disclosing this before the relationship begins.

This way, you give your potential partner a decent opportunity to accept this symptom with you.

Communication can also address your problem directly.

Discussing with your partner might also help both you and your partner to come up with a solution.

With both parties communicating honestly and making compromises, you are better equipped to manage bipolar hypersexuality.

Exercising as a Therapeutic Outlet

Exercise is vital to managing bipolar disorder generally.

Exercise naturally offers the body multiple health benefits.

A lack of physical activity or exercise can promote hypersexuality for some bipolar people.

Creating and maintaining routines is an essential part of managing bipolar disorder.

Getting into the habit of frequent exercise can help manage bipolar hypersexuality.

This would create an outlet for releasing energy and frustration.

Sexual activity can be an alternative outlet to release energy and frustration.

However, exercise might be more favorable to rely on as an outlet.

Some people dealing with bipolar hypersexuality have even called exercise therapeutic for them.

The amount and frequency of the exercise also matter in this case. It is important to exercise enough to feel refreshed.

You would exercise through walking, jogging, boxing, hiking, or whatever works for you.

Getting an outlet is the most significant bit here.

Proper Treatment

Bipolar disorder typically gets worse without any treatment.

Among the symptoms of untreated bipolar disorder is hypersexuality.

A great way to manage bipolar hypersexuality is to get treatment for bipolar disorder.

The essence here is to address the larger problem of untreated bipolar disorder to address bipolar hypersexuality.

When bipolar disorder is not being treated substantially, it might also affect sexual behavior.

Adequate treatment for bipolar disorder can address bipolar disorder.

Mania and hypomania can be difficult to spot.

A sudden rise in libido can be a telltale to spot mania.

During hypomania and mania, sexual needs can increase astronomically.

Proper treatment of bipolar disorder can address the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

The treatment plan should be tailored to a unique circumstance.

This could be new treatments, modifications of the current plan, lifestyle changes, and other treatments. 

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Proper Medication From a Certified Health Professional

Medication is a crucial part of treating mental disorders.

Although through the media, medication is often portrayed in a negative light; medication is quite relevant in managing mental disorders.

For bipolar hypersexuality, medication can be effective.

Medications are also delicate, so try to disclose all the relevant facts to your mental health professional.

This is why typically, only authorized and certified individuals can prescribe these drugs.

Try to only use medication prescribed by a certified health professional.

Medication can also be disrupted through unauthorized usage by people.

It is essential to stick to the medication plan drawn up by a mental health professional.

Alteration to the prescribed doses of a drug can cause the body to undergo changes.

Try to communicate any issues or challenges with medication with your mental health professional.

You can also consider changing your health professional if you are unsatisfied with your professional.

Proper medication from a professional can help manage bipolar hypersexuality for bipolar people.

Managing Bipolar Hypersexuality Trough Therapy

Therapy is another effective method of treating bipolar disorder.

Therapy is a broad field with several specializations.

Sex therapy is one of the specializations that might help manage bipolar disorder.

Although a bipolar therapist might be capable of handling hypersexuality as a symptom of bipolar disorder, in some circumstances, a sex therapist might be better suited to handle hypersexuality issues.

Discovering the best therapy combination can help manage bipolar disorder.

You could also consider couples therapy if you have a partner.

Hypersexuality can lead to infidelity or dissatisfaction in a relationship.

A couples therapist can help both you and your partner manage the issues in the relationship.

It can be challenging to determine the type of therapy to select.

The underlying issue of hypersexuality would determine the most effective form of therapy.

Nonetheless, therapy is versatile enough to help manage bipolar hypersexuality. 


For some bipolar people, hypersexuality causes real issues for them.

Support for bipolar disorder should include how to cope with bipolar hypersexuality.

Some ways to manage bipolar hypersexuality include communicating with loved ones and friends, regular exercise, treatment, medication, and therapy.


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