Drug Addiction and Breaking It's Hold on Your Life

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If you are like many, who have fallen into the vice of drug addiction and don't see a way out, this article is here to give you hope and insight into the problems you face.

Drugs are a prevalent issue this country currently faces and you are not alone.

This article aims to show you how common your issues are, what you can do to take the first steps toward the freedom you deserve, and how to maintain the freedom once you achieve it.

Continue reading to help break your addiction.

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Arias Gonzales, MS, LPC, NCC, EMDR-Trained

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Janelle Wagenknecht, MA, LPCC, ADDC

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Carrie Nelson, MS, LPCC

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Abigail Corless, LPCC

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Marie Whatley LPCC

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Bethany Cantrell, LPC

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Understanding the Addiction

Here are a few facts about addiction just in the united states.

1. More than 40 million Americans over the age of 12 are addicted to one substance or another.

2. In 2020, there were almost 94,000 deaths related to drug overdose.

3. Drug-related deaths continue to rise as more drugs are introduced into the population and become easier to access.

4. Drug addiction is linked to societal issues such as unemployment, homelessness, and poverty.

While these are just a few facts related to drug use, you can start to see how it will almost certainly have a negative influence on the lives of addicts, and if you're like many on this page, you have experienced these effects firsthand. 

Talking Openly About Drug Addiction

When we look into the statistics and see how widely present drug addiction is in this country, we rightfully start to realize that we are not alone.

With Drug Addiction affecting so many people, it's not uncommon to reach out for help or to discuss the issues that face you.

It may seem hard to ask for help, but trust us when we tell you, everyone that who cares about you whether that be family rooting for you, friends who want the best for you, or the loving counselors on this website all want to see you succeed and to break this addiction.

We are all here to help and are happy to discuss the issues you may be facing and to help you design a route to take in life to help break this drug addiction and its hold on your life. 

Drugs as the Captain of Your Ship

Let's partake in a thought experiment.

Imagine you have the choice of being one of two people.

The first is someone on a boat, being carried adrift in the sea, in the middle of a very large hurricane.

They have no engine, way to steer the boat, or even if their boat will stay afloat. 

They can close their eyes for a short amount of time and imagine they are safe at shore, but the dream can only last so long until they realize they are in the same situation, with limited circumstances.

The second person is safely anchored at shore, walking around on the beach with no fears of survival. 

Who do you want to be?

If you are in that boat right now, we have been there, it's not a fun place to be, and no matter how much you like closing your eyes to the reality of your truth, you are still in a sinking ship. 

But there's good news, there are a lot of people who would love to see you come to shore and relax on the beach with them. 

You are loved, you are valued and you have people that want to see you happy and safe.

Addiction is a dangerous and powerful force that would love nothing more than to consume you and overpower you, but we are here to help.

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Coming Back to Shore Where It's Safe

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

If you are here reading this article, it means you are beginning the path to freedom, and while it may not be an easy path, it will prove to be the most rewarding decision you will make.

To begin your steps into freedom, you need only a bit of faith and determination.

Here are some steps to take to begin your new life

  1. Acknowledge the problem: To begin this journey, you need to look at yourself and admit this is not who you want to be. Look at all the ways drugs have negatively impacted your life and agree to take a stand against this force that is sucking your life energy, hurting your relationships, and not allowing you to flourish into the person that you truly are.
  2. Set a goal:  Now that you have admitted the problem, it's time to plan the steps moving forward and onto your new beautiful freedom. This can be a specific timeline, such as quitting within a certain number of days or weeks, or a more general goal, such as making a commitment to stay drug-free for the long term.
  3. Seek help:  You're not alone and you never have been. Reach out to family friends or a professional counselor for guidance and
  4. encouragement. Everyone you know wants to see you succeed, don't let the voices or doubts push you away from breaking this drug addiction and achieving your new life!
  5. Develop healthy coping mechanisms:  Drug use often comes from other issues, such as stress, anxiety, or depression. So instead of relying on drugs to escape the issues we all face in life, develop new positive ways to handle these problems. Exercise, new hobbies, sports, and work are great ways to channel the frustrations you will face.
  6. Avoid triggers:  Don't put yourself in situations where you will be pressured to use drugs. If you need to distance yourself from the people that aren't contributing to your best self, do that. If you need to stay away from areas or circumstances that could lead to relapse, do that. Only you know what will trigger you and so you will be your best resource in avoiding these people, places, and situations
  7. Water the plant that is you:  Humans, like house plants, need a safe and healthy space to live and grow. You need spiritual water to empower you into a more powerful light. So whether that is, the people you associate with, the work you do, or the experiences you thrive off of, find a way to relocate to a more positive environment so you can break this drug addiction.
  8. Stay strong: Drug addiction won't be an easy thing to overcome but you CAN do this. Always have the vision in the back of your head, of where you want your life to take you, who you want to be, and the things you want to achieve.

Remember, becoming drug-free is a journey, not a destination.

It takes time, effort, and patience, but with the right mindset and support, you WILL overcome these chains in your life and continue onto a more happy, healthy, and more positive future.

Freedom Is Right Around the Corner

You may be vegan, vegetarian or something else but hypothetically speaking, if you needed to eat a whole elephant, how would you do it?

One bite at a time.

Just like eating a 10,000 pound animal, breaking the drug addiction that has placed your life in chains requires one step at a time.

Today has been the first step of your journey to freedom and you are doing amazing!

We urge you to continue down this path towards the life that you deserve, in the location you desire, surrounded by the people that love you. 

You WILL get off this sinking ship because you deserve so much more, you will achieve more than you feel is possible right now and when you look back on this day you will be so happy you took this step. 

So be STRONG, because you are!

You've acknowledged your problem and that's the first step.

Make a plan for where you want to be after you get over this hump. Set some goals and you will begin to achieve them.

Reach out for help, your family friends, or any of the amazing counselors here at Overcomers Academy. We all want to see you succeed.

Develop ways to channel your energy so you don't fall back into the life you don't want, avoid the things that will push you in a negative direction. 

Water yourself, because we all need to love ourselves first and remember YOU ARE STRONG. You will do this.

We are so excited to see where your new life will take you, Overcomer!


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